Free web-access scheme rolled out across England

Free web-access scheme rolled out across England

Summary: A £300m government scheme has been launched to provide free computers, software and broadband for low-income families in England


The rollout of a £300m government scheme to provide free computers, software and broadband for 270,000 low-income families in England kicked off on Monday.

The launch follows pilots of the scheme in Oldham and Suffolk in 2009, which awarded more than 12,000 grants to eligible families.

The Home Access programme was first announced back in 2008. As well as a free PC and broadband access, the computers will come pre-loaded with a suite of literacy and numeracy software which the government says is intended for both children and parents.

For more on this story, see Gordon Brown's free PC giveaway for school kids is go on

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  • Elections definitely upon us.

    "Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a statement: "I believe everyone should benefit from new advances in technology. It's right that we break down any barriers to social mobility in order to give more children and families the opportunity to complete coursework, conduct research and apply for jobs online."

    So why not make the banks pay for it? more to the point why not put these computers into the local community centers instead.
  • More nonsense

    How long will it be before the poor underprivileved mites' parents flog the lappy down the local pub for some fags and booze?

    ... and the rest of us will be funding this.

    Kids in schools do not NEED laptops, mobile phones, etc. They need well paid, motivated teachers who don't have to deal with government meddling on a weekly basis!