launches domain and website marketplace launches domain and website marketplace

Summary: has launched a standalone domain and website marketplace platform, spun off from Warrior Forum, the internet marketing community and marketplace site it acquired in April.

SHARE: today announced the launch of an online marketplace for the exchange of digital goods, with a particular focus facilitating the transaction of websites and domains among technology entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, webmasters, and operators of web properties.

The new platform,, was spun off from internet marketing community and marketplace platform, Warrior Forum, which acquired in April for AU$3.2 million — snapping up 732,000 additional users in the process.

Sellers on can post both websites and domains, and may opt to either put them up for auction or use a "buy-it-now" option, according to the company. Once listed, buyers can bid or buy the asset in question.


 "The suite of offerings means that our community has access to a full service platform when creating, building, and selling their entire business or services online," said Matt Barrie, CEO of the Australian-listed

While the company does not charge a listing fee for the platform, it does attract a 5 percent commission for website and domain transactions. Barrie said he believed the new platform was the "cheapest way to sell websites and domains in the industry".

The company said its latest offering was launched after feedback from the and Warrior Forum community suggested that members were dissatisfied with available domain sale options, and were looking for a way to leverage the two sites' user base.

Since acquiring Warrior Forum five months ago, has worked at leveraging the platform's services and community, launching a payments processing service, dubbed Warrior Payments, in a bid to tap into the site’s almost 800,000 user base.

"Warrior Payments will flip the traditional world of sales inside out by exposing the analytics of how things are selling in real time and it will turn the power of the Warrior community's 780,000 experts into your very own sales force selling your own product or service," said Warrior Forum director Alaister Low at the time.

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  • Hmm, a scammer's paradise?

    WarriorForum is fairly well known for being a hotbed of scammers, supported by a team of very dodgy moderators protecting the thieves and abusing victims. So Freelancer have created a new hub ripe for WarriorForum scammers to exploit? Wonderful news! Being an Australian Business, I hope is covered by Australian consumer law... In fact, it should theoretically cover WarriorForum already. When scammed users work this out Barrie is in for a world of hurt.