FreshBooks iOS app offers 'at-a-glance view' for SMB accounting

FreshBooks iOS app offers 'at-a-glance view' for SMB accounting

Summary: FreshBooks's new iPhone app is intended to make small business accounting much more accessible and simple at the same time.


Cloud accounting specialist FreshBooks has launched an iPhone app that is touted to give service professionals the ability to stay on top of their accounting anytime, anywhere.


Directed towards the small business market, the mobile app comes with some upgraded existing features, such as expense management and online payment integration, to help make accounting easier -- or at least less painful.

Some examples of industries where FreshBooks suggests it app would be most ideal include marketing and IT professionals, architects and independent contractors.

The iOS app has all of the same key features as the web version, including the ability to send professional invoices, get paid online via Paypal, and attach expenses directly to invoices.

Employees can log hours from projects and generate timesheets, and collaboration among users at the same company is also supported.

The FreshBooks iPhone app requires a FreshBooks account, paid or free. The app itself is free to download.

Screenshot via FreshBooks

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  • I first misread "Freshbooks" as "Facebook"

    Will Facebook sue?

    Companies hijacking common names (e.g. "Play", "App", etc) is uncreative and bad enough, but to leech off of an established name ("Lindows" for "Windows", "Ping" for "Bing" (or the network diagnostic utility), etc...) truly is low...
  • I've made the same mistake!

    Hey Hypnotoad72!

    I've made the same mistake calling FreshBooks, Facebook. It's embarrassing since I work for FreshBooks and I was trying to tell my High School Guidence councillor how my career ended up.

    That being said/typed it's worth mentioning that we have been in business just under a decade so any confusion isn't pre-meditated or intentional.

    But we do like FaceBook. They seem like good people.

    If you ever need a Cloud Accounting solution I hope you'll give us a try because just like Facebook, we are good people who are amazingly good at what we do.

    Saul Colt
    Head of Magic
    #1 cloud accounting specialist for small business owners.