From the HTC One to the HTC One Mini: Wife's weekend experiences

From the HTC One to the HTC One Mini: Wife's weekend experiences

Summary: The HTC One was the first Android device my wife was pleased with, but after testing out the smaller HTC One Mini she is convinced that is the better device for her.


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  • Limited 16GB of internal storage

  • HTC One Mini software version

  • Typical photo captured with the HTC One Mini

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  • Fair opinions

    And a good example of why choice is good!

    Hopefully it'll work for her well.

    Unfortunately, I've seen a couple of people not want to get the mini version of certain phones, because the will be seen to be "cheap" by not buying the top premium line (by the phone fashion police).
    • Agree, One Mini has nearly same premium feel as the One

      The great thing about the One Mini is that it still feels like a premium product with the metal design and curved back. It's an awesome device that is good for some and not others.

      Even if the One and One Mini were priced the same, my wife would still pick the One Mini because it fits her better and meets her needs just fine.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • What about heat?

        My One gets warm doing certain things.
  • 2 criteria here

    Between this model and S4 Mini there appears to be two design criteria. Smaller physical size and less expensive. Some features are removed and/or watered down for good reason, ie smaller size means smaller battery means less battery life unless you also water down the power consumption. However some things seemed to be missing for no good reason other than keeping cost down. If this phone doesn't have LTE I'd lump it into that category.

    I'd like to see a third option, premium features but smaller size.
    • Motorola Droid Mini

      Unfortunately the Motorola Droid Mini is only on Verizon but it sports all the same features as its larger Motorola flagship cousins and 4.2.2 Jelly Bean but 720p screen. It even has 2 gb ram and same processor. The only mini thing about it is the screen. Too bad they couldn't fit in a removeable battery and micro sd slot and it is only on Verizon. I'm hoping that the Moto X won't be too big and a removeable battery and micro SD slot since that is supposed to be available for the four major US carriers.
  • My only problem with HTC

    is after the 2nd drop their devices start to look cheap and odd things happen as a result. Maybe it's the cheap glue or they went skimp on the double-sided tape. I've had more than 3 phones from them and all suffered from similar issues. I can no longer support this manufacturer. Good luck to those that do, but it won't last....
  • Most of the performance w/ a smaller screen.

    I really would like to see more high-end devices in the 4.3" screen form-factor. I realize not all of the components can be high-end due to space constraints, heat dissipation, etc. But, getting a device with near top-of-the-line performance at a screen size that works best for my hands would be ideal.
  • HTC is too big

    It doesn't fit well in my pocket. "It's just too big" (That's what she said) In any event, I am going to give the Mini a try. I need something with a smaller girth.
    Rustie Kuntsz