FTC will reveal decisions in Google antitrust investigation today

FTC will reveal decisions in Google antitrust investigation today

Summary: The Federal Trade Commission will make its opinions known today regarding its investigation into Google over "alleged anticompetitive conduct."


The Federal Trade Commission just announced that it will be holding a press conference later today to discuss the bureau's investigation into Google.

Specifically, the FTC describes that the investigation relates to charges of "alleged anticompetitive conduct" at "one of the largest technology companies in the world." This is essentially in reference to the core of Google's business -- search -- which is integrated thoroughly into the Mountain View, Calif.-based corporation's vast portfolio of products.

To recall, up until now, it has been said that both the FTC and the European Commission have been delaying any formal decision in their respective Google/antitrust investigations.

Back in October, it was reported that the FTC was close, but it was basically the same story through November into December. Bloomberg also reported in November that the FTC was pressing the Internet giant with an "ultimatum" that consisted of the following two options: settle with the agency now or wait for the inevitable lawsuit.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz will be leading today's announcement alongside Bureau of Competition Director Richard Feinstein and Deputy Director Pete Levitas, as well as Bureau of Economics Director Howard Shelanski.

Scheduled to begin at 1:00PM EST/10:00AM PST, the announcement is being held at the FTC Headquarters in Washington D.C. The event will be webcast live.

Check back soon on ZDNet for further coverage of the FTC's announcement.

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  • Would this include the latest claims by competitors

    that Google is not cooperative with regards to YouTube metadata access? Since Google thinks that they are open source, why can't they just open that metadata to public?
    Ram U
  • Google should be charged.

    Google busniess is built on totally corrupt practices, they have stolen from so many small business to build their search data and allowing them now to get away with it is unacceptable.
    • google does nothing wrong

      only M$ and apple are using dirty deeds. Google embraced FOSS.
      LlNUX Geek
      • "Only Apple and Microsoft?

        So Samsung is NOT uilty of using child labor in their factories? So Sasung is NOT guilty of price fixing monitors (along with LG)?

        So it's just Microsoft and Apple, right? Do some research you little troll - once you are done getting the bathrooms clean.
  • And Where Is Jack The Ripper

    Bleating someone wouldn't let them play with their pencils.
    Alan Smithie
  • If you don't like google, don't use it

    If you don't like Windows, don't use it
    If you don't like Mac, don't use it.

    When did people become so brain dead?