Fujitsu ICS tablet: Cheaper, thinner, lighter than iPad

Fujitsu ICS tablet: Cheaper, thinner, lighter than iPad

Summary: Fujitsu may have accidentally stumbled across the ideal tablet for consumers that brings the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, a quad-core processor and good connectivity, but is pitching it primarily for business use


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  • Fujistu Stylistic flat

    While many hardware makers talk about simplicity in their products, few deliver it. Fewer still manage to make the device easy to buy. This is where I've some concerns with the M532.

    If it is meant to be a BYOD tablet, it needs to be available to buy from online retailers and mobile operators, and not just through business channels. Asked whether Fujitsu will team up with operators to get the M532 into peoples' hands, Shaw said discussions are still taking place.

    The tablet is scheduled for release in mid-June. If Fujitsu fails to secure a deal with the networks, there's a good chance that the intended audience won't really ever see the Stylistic M532.

    Credit: Ben Woods 

  • Fujistu Stylistic depth

    So if you can deal with a slightly unremarkable-looking tablet, this may be the one for you. On the plus side, it's 8.6mm thick, has a claimed battery life of around 8.5 hours of video playback and weighs just 560g. Also, it's likely to get future operating system upgrades quickly and provides good connectivity. By comparison, the equivalent new iPad weighs 662g and is 9.4mm thick.

    Here, the M532 is shown next to a Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone, to give an idea of depth.

    Of course, given its business inclinations, there are also a host of enterprise-angled features and software, according to Shaw. These include full-disk encryption, remote tracking, pre-installed Norton tablet security software and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) integration for providing access to Citrix and VMware viewers.

    Credit: Ben Woods 

  • Fujistu Stylistic rear

    Incidentally, the Stylisic Q550 is currently the only mobility product from Fujitsu in the UK, even though it has a strong showing in waterproof smartphones and tablets back in Japan.

    When pushed on this, Shaw said the company is still evaluating exactly how and when to re-enter the UK smartphone market. This is probably not an enviable prospect, considering the cut-throat risk of failure and the sheer number of manufacturers vying for attention.

    In the UK, it's not just the big names — Samsung, Apple, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry et al — that are fighting for your cash; previously white-label manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei are now keenly focused on becoming household names. This makes it all the more difficult for new entrants to the UK. But if Fujitsu can deliver a smartphone with the same principles as the M532, it could be on to something.

    Credit: Ben Woods 

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