Fujitsu unveils rugged Stylistic M702 tablet that can 'roll with the punches'

Fujitsu unveils rugged Stylistic M702 tablet that can 'roll with the punches'

Summary: At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Fujitsu has launched a waterproof and dustproof tablet at professionals who spend a lot of time away from the desk.

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Stylistic M702
The Fujitsu Stylistic M702 tablet is ruggedised for professionals on the move. Image: Fujitsu

Fujitsu has introduced an enterprise Android tablet for business people who spend a lot of their time on the road.

The Stylistic M702 tablet, shown off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, is both waterproof and dustproof, according to Fujitsu. The tablet can be submerged in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes, is sealed to prevent dust from reaching its interior and has scratch-resistant glass to protect against bumps and scratches, the tablet maker claims.

The device includes various security features including an integrated fingerprint sensor, full-disk encryption and remote device tracking and recovery help.

The tablet comes with a Tegra 3-chipset from Nvidia and an 8-megapixel main camera. The 590g tablet is able to connect via Wi-Fi, to phone networks up to 4G/LTE and to other devices via Bluetooth. The tablet can run video off the battery for up to 15 hours, Fujitsu claims.

Consumer devices are too fragile for many working environments and the Stylistic tablet aims to adjust this, according to Fujitsu head of workplace systems Dieter Heiss.

"We're targeting mobile workforces with the new semi-ruggedised Stylistic M702, providing a no-compromise tablet that can roll with the punches during the mobile working day and ensure business continuity," Heiss said in a statement. "Businesses that cut corners by using consumer devices in challenging environments will end up counting the cost of repairs and replacements for waterlogged and smashed tablets that just were not up to the job."

The Stylistic M702 starts at €999 and is available online from Monday in stores across central Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Topics: Tablets, Mobility, MWC

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  • What is the OS ?

    Did I miss it in the article ?
    • Sorry, just re-read

      and found that it is Android, but missed the specs (one would hope JellyBean) ?
    • I almost missed it too

      With laptops you wouldn't have even thought twice about it and the OS didn't need to be mentioned. The fact that even though both windows 8 and RT have been out for a while and android is still on most new tablets, is not a good sign for MS.
    • Right hardware

      ....but wrong OS. Don't trust a company for whom spying your account, data, emails, cloud storage is part of it's business model.

      Google is a big spyware. Nothing else.
  • Windows Is Too Fragile For These Conditions

    Just imagine if it were running Windows: the slightest knock, and you would need a Registry rebuild. One scratch could render a drive letter unusable, and you have only a limited supply of those. Drop the thing, and you could end up spending the day on a full system reinstall, using up yet another product key. Once those run out, the hardware becomes useless.

    Aren't you glad Android doesn't suffer from those unfortunate problems?
    • All of your comments

      seem to be more hardware related than windows related.
      Sam Wagner