Full Spectrum: NBN Co's backyard battle

Full Spectrum: NBN Co's backyard battle

Summary: Is $8000 a year enough for you to have a 40-metre National Broadband Network (NBN) tower installed in your backyard?

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband

Is $8000 a year enough for you to have a 40-metre National Broadband Network (NBN) tower installed in your backyard?

Not for the Righetti family in Smeaton, Northern Victoria. The couple refused the deal to have a tower on their property for the fixed wireless long-term evolution network to be rolled out by the NBN. They are now also fighting a proposal to have the tower built on the land next door.

NBN Co's one of the big boys now. You're not a mobile telecommunications company unless some local resident is complaining about you wanting to build a tower near their house.

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Topics: NBN, Broadband


Armed with a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Journalism, Josh keeps a close eye on the telecommunications industry, the National Broadband Network, and all the goings on in government IT.

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  • They can go jump

    I would not have a tower emitting high levels of radiation so close to my home

    Anyone should have the right to object, as it is a health issue and no company should have the right to put individual persons health at risk

    8000 a year and all your kids end up getting cancer, does this sound like a good deal to you
  • And yet they will still whine when they can't get a good signal when they move it away.
  • It's on a farming property, so the tower is likely a distance away from the home.

    At ground level the amount of radiation would be comparative to keeping a mobile phone in your pocket, you know.. like the one you store right next to your reproductive organs currently.

    Thirdly, NBN co (nor any other telco) have to ask nicely to put equipment anywhere, they can simply file a low-impact notice and go ahead, but the easier way is to find someone who'll approve and make the whole thing easier to work with.
  • Cheapskates. Telstra pay $11k per annum for rural towers. $8k is a lowball offer.
  • Would I be allowed to dress it up as a Christmas tree for the holidays?