Fun mobile accessories: CableKeeps characters and Andru charger

Fun mobile accessories: CableKeeps characters and Andru charger

Summary: You don't have to live a boring black and white life with your smartphone or tablet, and in this gallery you can see a few accessories to brighten up your day.


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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Goldie CableKeeps

    The first one is called Goldie and is made for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad mini. I did not test it with the mini, so am not certain that it fits that charger, but the website lists it as compatible with the mini.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    iPhone propped up on Goldie

    Goldie is orange in color and is designed to organize your cable, hold the charger in place, and serve as a stand if you want to prop up your iPhone or iPod touch next to your outlet. I don't think I would try propping up an iPad mini on Goldie, though.

    Your charger slides into the front of Goldie and then you plug in your cable and wrap it around the fins. It's a slick way to keep a tangle free cord and keep your charger and cable together. Goldie is available now for $16. You can find it in six colors, including orange, red, green, light blue, navy blue, and purple.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Nibbles CableKeeps

    Nibbles serves the same function as Gulp and is an iPad accessory. Be a bit careful with Nibbles, as his teeth (he looks to be a piranha) are pointy and could scratch you as you work your iPad charger in and out of his mouth.

    Nibbles is available in the same six colors for the same $16 price. It works with the standard two prong plug adapter and not the international adapter.

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  • Wow. Utterly speechless...

    I think the only thing missing was

    'Available at all good retailers'

    So to get reviews out of you we have to send you free junk? Couldn't zdnet pay you or something? Kudos on choosing some tat for both apple and android... It at least keeps the teenagers out of the comments.

    FYI a review would typically give some kind of personal experience of the product; strengths/weaknesses ... Things you liked/didn't like?

    I was in a newsagent the other day that had headphones with little London busses on them. Thats kind of fun for tourists... Maybe I could send you a pair and you could advertise them? They work with all phones?
    • What do you expect? Companies don't always send reviews free stuff

      The most prominent example being Apple.

      BTW, if you expect them to buy and review random items you're crazy; from what I hear this is a side job for most of the writers here. They don't get paid nearly enough.
  • I haven't been a teenager for nearly 40 years

    but I think these are great!

    And to be fair, they're listed under 'Latest Articles' not 'News'.