Fun things to do with Google Now on the Nexus 7

Fun things to do with Google Now on the Nexus 7

Summary: The latest version of Android, aka Jelly Bean, comes with the Google Now utility. Google Now takes all sorts of spoken queries and responds in natural language plus answer cards. Here are some fun and useful things to ask Google Now.

TOPICS: Android, Mobility

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  • Is it going to rain today/tomorrow/Thursday? Instant forecast.

  • Rich people just keep getting richer, and with Google Now you'll always know how much richer than you they are.

Topics: Android, Mobility

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  • You forgot to ask....

    "What happened to the Cryboys?"
  • Nexus 7 & Google Now

    Great app. Google never fails. I got my Nexus 7 last week and haven't put it down.
    Ninth Crusade
    • Strangely fun

      In part to it's handy size and JB, I am finding myself using this more and more.
      When my Galaxy Nexus comes next week I am looking forward to having these work together in ways my iPhone and iPad never could.
  • Impressive

    But are you able to look up anything important?
    Tim Cook
  • Nexus Not Ready For Prime Time

    My brand new nexus 7 died on the fifth day I had it.
    My refund is en route.

    Google is like Microsoft - dumping product on the market before it is ready.
    • How can you know?

      Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal evidence. Until we see some statistics on product failures compared to say the iPad there is no way to know if it was ready or not.