Future Tech 1: Office geek

Future Tech 1: Office geek

Summary: Soon these cool collectables may be part of our normal working day at the office. Put these on your wow, want one wish list now.


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  • Bendable slate

    Thin bendable touchscreen, usable outdoors with battery lasting seven days.

    Credit: Infinite tech info

  • iWatch

    Credit: Psfk

Topics: Hardware, After Hours

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  • Your articles suck.

    You never give any descriptions, you just grab a bunch of random "techy" images from around the web, most of which don't even exist or will exist as they are fakes or made by people with way too much spare time. I guess you're in charge of Zdnet's filler, because I can't picture a serious writer that is as lazy as you when posting stuff...
    • Agreed.

      And I won't be putting any of these on my "Wow, want one now" wishlist. Debt funded mass consumption of the latest "must have" electronics that fulfill no new human needs or improvements in productivity is driving our economic and planetary resources into the danger zone. Self worth and value can only be found from within, not in an iWatch or bendable screen.
  • oh dream a bit please!

    You know, faced with 'austerity' and lack luster 'news', i like to dream a little. Open my mind, dwell on what might be. It helps me be creative.

    And regarding some of those images. Well the space desk is Microsoft Research's 'holo desk' - its real I've used it. The iWatch looks like it'll never be, based on today's news, but second screen watches are being built and the bits to do so are in easy reach,of even hobbyist electronics guys like me. We've already seen projected keyboards and holographic display rumours abound. And bendable screens were on show earlier this year as were transparent LCD screens.

    So much if the tech in the pics is real, or close, and just some of it is crazy. But then a friend of mine has built a full sized, driveable hexapod vehicle, so who knows what others are up to!

    Kick back and dream a little. Trolling is surely equally a waste of time and bits!
  • Always with the negative waves

    I think lack of imagination and a help the people first mantra go hand in hand. Almost everything sold in America, including our food, is over the top, a waste of money and more want then need based. I grew up in a time where if you didn't work you didn't eat. Now days half the population is on the dole and it is bankrupting us.

    However none of that addresses this article. The items the author displayed all had links to further information. They all inspired my imagination and I followed those links to check further on about half of the items. Don't care about the watches. I stopped wearing a watch when I retired the second time. Now days I get there when I get there and if I am late so be it.