G-Cloud app store is launched

G-Cloud app store is launched

Summary: Services from more than 250 companies on offer

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Services from more than 250 companies on offer

The government has launched its G-Cloud application procurement site, CloudStore, giving small businesses across the UK a chance to compete with large IT companies for public-sector contracts.


The government's CloudStore launched on SundayImage: www.govstore.net

CloudStore opened on Sunday, with services from 257 companies offered to public-sector organisations in a browsable, GCHQ-vetted catalogue of cloud services, ranging from rentable infrastructure, applications and platforms to consultancy.

"It's a complete break with the past," David McLeman, the managing director of UK cloud and security vendor Ancoris, told ZDNet UK on Monday. "Historically you had a cartel of large suppliers running massive government IT projects, and that dominated government IT. I think the new initiative will help the public sector."

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Topic: Tech Industry

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