Olympic tech: What's powering the Sochi 2014 Games?

Olympic tech: What's powering the Sochi 2014 Games?

Summary: From snow cannons to deep-packet network inspection and aerial drones, here's some of the gadgets and technologies powering the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.


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  • Snow cannons

    Unfortunately for the Olympic athletes, the choice to hold the winter games at Sochi — one of the warmest districts in Russia — might not have thought through so well. To make sure there was enough powdery snow to go around, Russian event organizers used snow cannons to generate vast amounts of the white stuff. About 230 million gallons of water turned into about 1,000 football fields of snow, according to The New York Times

    Image: Imgur

  • IED blocking systems

    Terrorism has remained a focal point of the games, with threats ranging from improvised explosive devices and even toothpaste bombs. Military.com reports the Russian government asked the U.S. to help with detecting and defusing any device that may be discovered. It comes just weeks after a suicide bomber attacked the Russian city of Volgograd, a mere 13-hours drive from Sochi — which by Russia's standards, really isn't far at all. 

    Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Sochi's Central technology operations center

    With several Olympics in its portfolio, Atos is the big-name tech firm behind one of the largest IT infrastructures in living memory, sister site CNET reports. From providing accreditation systems to verify people are who they say they are, as well as security and network filtering to prevent malware attacks, the company is in charge of almost everything IT related. 

    Image: Atos via CNET

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