Galaxy Gear Review: Samsung's elegant companion watch for Note 3 owners

Galaxy Gear Review: Samsung's elegant companion watch for Note 3 owners

Summary: We don't yet know if there is a smartwatch market, but Samsung's Galaxy Gear leads the pack with a functional and beautiful piece of jewelry. The Galaxy Gear likely has limited appeal, but contains lots of potential.

TOPICS: Reviews, Android, Samsung

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  • Some of the settings on the Gear

  • Double finger tap brings up the status display

  • Share your photos to other services

Topics: Reviews, Android, Samsung

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  • More Connections Coming

    As I understand it the Galaxy Gear also works with the latest Galaxy Tab 10.1, and with a software update sometime this month will also support the Galaxy S4 (and some sites say the S III).

    I am, however, a Google purist so I probably won't be picking this up until someone hacks it to work with Nexus phones, or I break down and Cyanogen a Note 3.
    • As a Google Purist as well, I'd recommend giving the Note a try

      I too was a Google Purist and hated everything but stock android, but I recently got a note and they've done some amazing things to android. I'd really recommend giving it a try because a Galaxy Note would be wasted without all the incredible additions they added specifically for the larger screen and pen input, such as their incredible handwriting recognition and multiple open windows and multitasking. No other phone is as nice that I've tried. The only negative is all the junk that's already installed from them, but you can remove that. I think they've actually improved on stock Android though, and that's coming from a long time Google Purist.
  • Watch from the 1980s

    It looks like they took the calculator off of the watch from the 1980s.

    Additionally, why would anybody carry around a $300 watch when they also then have to carry around an expensive phone or phablet?

    Do other tech people even still wear watches?
  • Gee whizz neat thing to have......

    ....was my reply to my ex on why I wanted a used Uhaul truck.
    Same with this watch!