Galaxy Note Edge curved display can withstand drops: Samsung

Galaxy Note Edge curved display can withstand drops: Samsung

Summary: Samsung claims its newly unveiled curved-display phablet is just as durable as other phones, even when dropped on the right side wrapped by its display, reports ZDNet Korea's Jaehwan Cho.

TOPICS: Mobility, Samsung, Korea

Korean phone giant Samsung says its new Note Edge, a 5.6-inch display phablet with a curved right side, is designed to be as durable as other smartphones.

(Image: Samsung)

"On the right side of the Galaxy Note Edge, you can see a concave metal frame, when the device falls down to ground, the device is manufactured to hit the metal frame first," Kim Gae-youn, a senior executive of Samsung wireless division, said at a press conference for South Korean journalists after the company's Unpacked event in Berlin.

The world's biggest smartphone maker said the Galaxy Note Edge adopted glass with enhanced strength to cover its curved display. Samsung did not reveal additional details about the glass.

The curved side of the device can display text messages, menu icons, and 'tapeline' functions and users can operate the curved display independently when the main 5.6-inch display turns off.

Speaking at the same press conference, Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division, said the Note Edge will be released in a limited number of countries.

"South Korea is included in the list," said Lee, without specifying other countries.

The phablet is expected to cost over one million won (US$982) in Korea, around 100,000 won higher than the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, due to the cost of its curved display and limited number of inventory.

Lee declined to comment on specific prices of the two Galaxy Note devices.


Topics: Mobility, Samsung, Korea

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  • That's pretty awesome...

    You Apple fanboys wait another 2-3 years and you'll get it too... ;)
    • Why?

      Why would Apple fans want A solution to a non existing problem??
      • The Apple mindset at work

        If Apple doesn't sell it, then no one could *possibly* want it - that is right up to the point that Apple deigns to add it to one of their own devices, at which point it becomes a "killer feature"
      • You're going to love it...

        ...when you finally get it.

        Just like a smaller tablet and a bigger phone. Both things you hated when your cult didn't provide them and love them now that they copied those ideas...

        You people are sooooo predictable.
        • But you don't have it yet?

          It's not out yet, we don't know anything other than what the manufacturer says and they think they have great battery life.This is just another case of fanboying.

          I do hope you are one of the guys paid for this stuff - you seem to be on every apple thread, and linking those that have nothing to do with apple to apple... Like this one.

          This thread is about the new note. I don't see much cross over in demographic here, it's just so much bigger than an apple device. I'm hoping though that this new extra strong glass will be standard on any of their non cornering screens? If they've found a way to get more from gorilla glass, I want it!
      • Here we go again....

        That's probably what you said 3 years ago about the original Note. Apple copied that one, they will here too. Samsung will innovate the balls out of this feature, and everyone will want it, but just like the original note that everyone hated, nobody will do it as well. there's a reason Samsung surpassed Apple so quickly. The only thing Apple really does anymore is cop technology from Motorola and ideas from Samsung. They're tired and old news, and as soon as Intsagram's population realizes Galaxy is better in literally every way, Apple is utterly screwed.
      • NFC

        I guess NFC was a gimmicky Android thing, but now iOS 8 finally implements it so it's a feature users will want? Apple is innovating as much as MS.
      • Right, because a 3.5" screen is the perfect size

        Multitasking takes too much battery power, a 10" tablet is the only size you need, etc....
        A Gray
        • At one point 3.5" beat anything Android had

          Also, at one point multitasking did take far too much battery life and 7" tablets were initially completely awful and expensive. The fact that Apple is often slow to implement some technology isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. I owned the very first Android phone, the G1, and the MyTouch 3G, Behold II and original Galaxy S. They were pretty awful phones compared to the iPhone and the only one with a larger screen was the Galaxy S. The other 3 were smaller. Battery life was trash on all of them due to the multitasking. The G1 lasted approximately two hours with sporadic use without 3G and a little over an hour with 3G... The Galaxy S was a significant improvement over previous Android phones and came the closest to an iPhone but also borrowed heavily from iphone OS.

          The Galaxy tab was horrible and actually more expensive than the iPad or do you not remember that one either? The original price of the blackberry tablet was even higher than an iPad...

          Rose colored glasses and short term memory.
    • Troll

      This article doesn't even mention Apple.
    • do you have any other hobbies?

      this feature is ergonomically stupid. for a righty, can't get your thumb on it because the curve is too close. for a lefty, its too far. no I haven't held it or used it, but I am not a professional basketball player either. being able to use all of the real estate can't be done without using 2 hands. its a cute feature, but don't act like Samsung is splitting the atom here. also, I'd say its dumb on my phone of choice as well.
      • wrong.

        Sorry dude, I'm holding my Note 3 one-handed, texting this one-handed, and just for kicks ran my thumb up and down that side of my Note 3 several times. I have no issue with this, and could see how having extra soft keys or multitasking apps along there would be beneficial.

        Side note: I unfortunately don't see myself running out and picking the Note 4 up... The Note 3 is still too good right now for me to replace at that price - especially with this Zerolemon 10,000mah battery on it lol.
  • I'd Like An Edge;

    but, only if it comes with Windows Phone installed on it.

    The hardware is pretty sweet, I just don't care for Android.
    • Not going to happen...

      Samsung would rather push Tizen than Windows, if they had to provide an alternative to Android. Get an HTC M8/WP8. Wonderful phone.
      • No Chance Of That Happening

        I've got an HTC 8S collecting dust because HTC won't provide the bits so I can put Cortana on it and give it to my daughter. HTC will never see another penny from me!

        In the mean time I'm quite happy with my NL1020.
        • Very likely it won't run ...

          So even providing "bits" it still wouldn't work.
    • Asymmetry

      I'd be tempted if it had the extra screen space on both long edges. On just one it offends my sense of symmetry.
      • I agree with you

        Its the same reason why I can't stand the Nissan Cube. It would be a great car for my wife, but that goofy wrap around window in the back would drive me nutty. Its a great idea, but its not easy to look at.
        A Gray
  • Yowsers

    "The phablet is expected to cost over one million won (US$982) in Korea"
    Some other pioneer will have to take those arrows, ouch!
  • Round edge?

    How does one put it in a case and still use and see it?