Galaxy Round: Samsung's curved screen Android smartphone (gallery)

Galaxy Round: Samsung's curved screen Android smartphone (gallery)

Summary: True to its word earlier this month, Samsung has taken the wraps off its first curved OLED display smartphone, the Galaxy Round.

TOPICS: Samsung, Android

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  • An easier grip for phablets?

    There's been speculation as to what advantage a curved device might actually have compared to a flat counterpart. Samsung points to a fairly workaday benefit: while having the same size screen as the Note 3, the Round is more comfortable to hold, it says.

    Image: Samsung


  • Reference designs

    The Galaxy Round is different to the curved display reference design devices that Samsung showed off at CES earlier this year (above).

    Rather than a display that wraps around the front and edges of a flat-backed device, like in the reference designs, the Galaxy Round is curved in a similar style to Samung's curved TVs — inwards towards the centre.

    Image: CNET

Topics: Samsung, Android

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  • oooh cool roll feature.

    er no. who wants a bet that it'll be one of the first things people turn off after they get really annoyed each time they're trying to do something and they accidentally rock the screen this annoying and unnecessary information comes up.
  • A curved note

    without a stylus. I guess someone is looking for this type of device.
  • Different to?

    Sorry, but I have to object. It may have been used by many writers in the past, but so was 'Olde English'. It just sounds broken. Different from, similar to just work. Reminds me of the British F1 announcers using 'from' when talking about relative positions of drivers, but it is such a strange combination of words I can't actually remember the exact phrase. Yes, I'm in NA. I'm sure all you Australians and British will be incensed. Well, I did say 'Sorry' and I guess that gives away the fact that I'm Canadian. ;)

    Regarding the 'Round', it looks like it might fit into the inside pocket of a man's jacket more comfortably than a flat screen and certainly looks to be more comfortable in the hand. Reflections look to be minimized as well. Like it!
  • snapped in half

    what if you're out doing stuff and you wind up tossing it on the couch? or maybe you put it in your pocket backwards? I just see a bunch of broken devices in the future....
    Tristan James
  • Seems like a gimmick

    Samsung's plan is to release so many phones they have every possible angle, or curve, covered.

    Potential Galaxy customers should look at the pending BlackBerry Z30, with specs on par with the best Samsung has to offer, big screen and superior build quality and secure messaging.

    The Q10 of course remains the BlackBerry messaging power house, also as fast as anything from Samsung
  • Curved phone is crap when it's on a flat surface

    I got a HTC one through work and it's curved, albeit not as curved as this Galaxy Round.
    When you try and tap out a message when you're sitting at your desk it rocks. It means you always need to hold the device if you want to use it. Crap, don't like it all.
  • It's official

    There's nothing new, hardware-wise, worth adding to smartphones. May the best smartphone OS (WP) win!
    Sir Name
  • sooooo...

    ...where do I get a curved leather flip case with clasp, like the one on my new Galaxy Note 3, that is sitting flat on my table while charging and transferring files... and no rocking about the place at all?