Gallery: Apple Store for iPad (iOS app)

Gallery: Apple Store for iPad (iOS app)

Summary: A gallery of screenshots from the new Apple Store for iPad shopping app.

TOPICS: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPad

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  • Apple Store for iPad: Home screen

    The home screen that greets you in the Apple Store for iPad app promotes this season's hottest sellers: the iPad Air and iPad mini. Will it be "an iPad Christmas" as Tim Cook predicts? Only time will tell.

  • Apple Store for iPad: iPad Air product flow

    The Apple Store for iPad app features a lot of white space and flows like the product pages on

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPad

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  • worth the wait

    First of all, it's about time. The Apple Store iPhone app is fantastic, but it's pretty crummy when zoomed to a large iPad screen. The new iPad app, though, is worth the long wait. It's really nicely done, nicer even than Apple's website, which is one of the best-designed commerce sites on the web. Apparently, the iPad app doesn't have the iPhone version's EasyPay and Genius Bar check-in features, but no big deal there.
  • Not sure about iPad Christmas...

    ... everyone predicted instant sell out for the iPad mini retina (which I'm currently typing this on) and there still seems to be plenty in the channel. I actually had more trouble tracking down a G-Note 3.
  • Gouge customers

    I am going to an iPad 2 and party like its 2011 again.
    Sean Foley