Gallery: Aussies buy their first Bitcoin-funded beers

Gallery: Aussies buy their first Bitcoin-funded beers

Summary: Bitcoins, QR codes, smartphones, tablets, and beer. For some, there is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon at the pub.


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  • (Image: Alexander Taylor, CC-BY 3.0)

    Kaye helps the staff at the Fitzroy with any last-minute issues integrating BitPOS into the existing register systems.

  • (Image: Alexander Taylor, CC-BY 3.0)

    Members from BitcoinSyd are on hand to help out with making transactions, and, if need be, provide a means for newcomers to the currency to purchase some.

  • (Image: Alexander Taylor, CC-BY 3.0)

    On the merchant side of the transaction, a QR code is created that specifies which Bitcoin wallet the funds are meant to be paid into, and how much it costs.

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