Browse 10 cloud storage services

Browse 10 cloud storage services

Summary: Let's take a quick look at the 10 most important personal cloud storage services.


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    Sure Mega comes with 50GB of free storage, but it's also slower than sludge. Of all these services, even with so much free storage, this is the one I like least.

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    Microsoft SkyDrive

    It's not as universally useful as Dropbox, but if you're a Windows user, SkyDrive is the service for you. Just be a little wary of the feature that lets you upload files remotely from a PC into SkyDrive.

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    If file privacy is your top concern, then SpiderOak is the service for you.

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  • ownCloud

    How about service like ownCloud which can be ran our own servers, not need to put data on a server own by a company who wants to data mine personal information or have do business with the likes like of Kin Dotcom or shod I say Doncon.
  • Small French Solution


    Did you try ikeepincloud (no software solution) ?