Gallery: Exploded Apple Battery

Gallery: Exploded Apple Battery

Summary: Apple's exploding Lithium Polymer MacBook batteries are becoming a common issue. ZDNet's Violet Blue's MacBook Pro battery burst while in use, and worryingly, it still holds a charge.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

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Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Happened to me

    I looked it up after it happened as well. The Consumerist website also has a article about it from back in 2011.
    Seems primed for a class action.
    • LiPo

      LiPo's can swell if they are over charged or discharged for to many cycles. Seems like a charging circuit issue. I've run into this on RC batteries on my helicopters. 20K rpm brushless motor on a 30-50amp speed controller can fry batteries and make them swell. Never had one "blow up" and explode though.
      • Non Genuine Apple Battery

        The Photo clearly shows that this is not a 'genuine' Apple replacement battery!! This is evidenced by the plastic lugs which in the case of a 'genuine' Apple replacement part are actually metal.
        Hence the title of this article needs changing from 'Exploded Apple Battery' - to 'The dangers of using cheap knock off replacement parts'
        Serves you right Violet for buying cheap replacement parts!
        The Central Scrutinizer
  • Will they fix it?

    Or will they just say "oh, well, we said it was expected behavior, therefore it's your fault and your expense"? If there is one thing Apple is good at it's marketing and they aggressively protect their image of "software that just works" and their image of creating "insanely great" products, so when these things happen, they do their best to ignore them and sweep them under the rug. I doubt they are going to announce a recall, because that would generate bad press and they don't want bad press to tarnish their image - mostly among the fanboys to whom Apple is God - or in anyway wake people up to the fact that Apple is often full of horse manure.

    And what is the point of this article, anyway? What was your outcome? What did you tell Apple? Are you ok with them saying it's "expected behavior"? Do you expect them to do the right thing or are you just going to let them off the hook?
    • Alas, it is useless; all kinds of warnings were included in MBP's ...

      ... documentation, as well as for documentation for Dells and HPs.
    • Expect nothing more...

      from someone who calls herself Violet Blue.
      • Don't mind the Troll!

        Ad hominem attacks - aint the interwebz great!
        • Why did she not mention it's a 6 year old

          Battery? To sensationalize her plight because of the "Evil Apple Corp". How dare they not warranty her battery 6 years later?
          I hate trolls also
          • Warranty

            Did you ever have a car that was recalled... outside of warranty? I have. Something that is dangerous, regardless of how long you've had it (yes, a 6 year old laptop is odd), should be corrected. I would think an exploding battery just might be considered dangerous. On the other hand, this person (unlike the average schmoe) should have been aware of this "expected behavior."
          • You might want to check the battery

            As others have mentioned it's not a factory original battery. Which would flush all complaints down the proverbial crapper. Secondly a Battery is considered a consumable, meaning it has a finite lifespan (obviously less than 6 years). Also making the false claim unsuccessful in a court case.
            I hate trolls also
          • why only 6 years?

            batteries can and do last much longer than this in other laptops - they also last less as well but if they do have a finite life then Apple should offer a battery replacement scheme at a certain age before it expires. I am not suggesting free but a recommendation that the battery is replaced for a moderate fixed charge at an apple centre every four years (or however long they reckon it should function trouble free)
          • And it is

            Apple will replace batteries for a fee.

            The old models with the removable batteries you just buy a new battery like any other device.

            The newer models with built in batteris they replace for a fee and this always was the intention.

            Anyone who thinks a battery is going to last forever is nuts.

            Anyone who knows of a high energy density battery technology that doesn't have issues with expanding or heating or whatever please let us all know.
          • Last forever? No.


            But overheat without obvious prior damage? No to that, too. I have laptops that are a decade old and more (still serve a purpose). I've never had an issue with any battery, other than losing the ability to take and hold a charge. Which is expected.

            It it's true, as one posted noted, that this is occurring with non-Apple batteries, then it isn't an Apple problem. Part of the reason they seem to be moving to non-user replaceable batteries, perhaps? But if it is happening with Apple batteries, then it is.

            I just recently had to replace a carbon monoxide detector because it was seven years old. Literally. The detector was designed to shut down at that point after it's initial start to make sure it would not be used past its useful life. There isn't even an indication that it has an internal clock (that continues to work when the battery is removed). If this is really an issue, it isn't unreasonable for Apple (and other vendors) to include similar protection in their devices or directly in the batteries.

            To say that high density batteries in general have this problem isn't a justification for any vendor. Much less for one with such a large market share or commands a premium price.
          • Batteries don't last forever..

            but usually you would expect the battery to no longer hold a charge before it expands or well, explodes. We all know that batteries have a lifecycle and some batteries will bulge as they get older but these batteries from Apple sounds like there is a problem with the construction of the battery or there is some sort of defect with the charging mechanism. This almost sounds like these batteries are suffering from overcharging which would cause a battery to burst or explode.
          • Car recalls

            Statute of limitations on car recalls is 8 years, toyota has had several recalls on 10 year old cars, bad analogy!
          • Warranty is one thing

            Regardless of the life of a battery, to say exploding batteries are expected is silly. I have laptops probably older then 10 years around the house and never seen a battery explode. My concern is less about the warranty and more about the battery design that causes this no matter how many years old it is. My battery was the out of the box geniune one, and it exploded in a drawer (I had to replace it because it was a barely holding a charge after about 18 months at the cost of like $70).
      • It's her legal name

        Violet Blue is her legal name. What else would you expect her to call herself?
        • Maybe her 'legal name' now

          But not the one she was born with.....
          Now if this was a review she had made of a porn film or book, I might take it a little more seriously...
          The Central Scrutinizer
    • Typical Apple

      Apple's mandate has always been to create products that either break on purpose after a specified amount of time, or go obsolete so they can force a new cycle of purchases on their customers. Whether it's battery issues, or degraded/broken performance from upgrading OS's (iOS7, Mountain Lion, etc.), Apple is more interested in milking their customer base than actually giving them something worthwhile. This is why they rely so much on buzz words and aesthetics.
      • Acturally not.

        I have a G3 tower and G5 tower that are still running long after my same vintage PCs have long ago died so you appear to be speaking from ignorance on this subject. Apple builds a good product that lasts in general. I also experienced this while running a Mac based company many years ago.

        Now, what they do poorly is support the end user when something goes wrong on a large scale, it doesn't happen often but when it does you are screwed. I have seen this many times in the past. When something in an Apple product line is defective Apple will ignore it and quietly change it then act as if problem never existed. A very frustrating response to deal with and probably their worst trait.