Gallery: Hacker Playing Cards from Firehost

Gallery: Hacker Playing Cards from Firehost

Summary: The limited edition security themed playing cards from Firehost handed out at Black Hat USA have hackers as jokers, and more hidden surprises in the artwork than you'd expect.


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Topics: Security, Enterprise Software

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  • Defcon Design Deck.

    I would love to find a deck printed off that would be the same design as used for the Defcon 21 badges. Skulls, Locks, Floppies, and Dials as the suites. I loved the badges this year and would really like to own the deck.

    Not that these aren't cool, I just really loved the Defcon designs.
  • Once upon a time

    Whitley Strieber's publisher distributed decks of cards promoting his "Shadowlands" at the ABA.

    They were completely normal - except that the "red" cards were printed with silver ink.

    Not too bad ... unless you were playing under fluorescent lights.
  • Get a Deck of FireHost Cards

    Thank you Violet Blue for the fantastic write up, we at FireHost really appreciate. We have a few cases of cards remaining. If anyone would like to get a deck of their own, just complete the form linked here and we'll ship you one.
    Casey Barthels
  • "at it is best"

    "theory11 trusts FireHost to keep their site online, secure and performing at it's best."

    I see they even worked in an homage to most programmers' exacting attention to structure and syntax in everything except basic English. Nicely done!