Gallery: Seventeen Supersized Windows 8 And Android Tablets

Gallery: Seventeen Supersized Windows 8 And Android Tablets

Summary: As Apple apparently prepares to go small with the iPad Mini, every other tablet maker is going large, bringing out tablets that dwarf the 9.7-inch iPad. Here are 17 interesting, oversized tablets available today or coming soon.


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  • If there is a Guinness Book of World Records entry for Largest Tablet, the Sony VAIO Tap20 would be it. This is basically an all-in-one Windows 8 PC with a 20-inch, 1600x900 capacitive 10-point multitouch screen. But...it actually has a built-in battery with an alleged life of 3.5 hours. At its size (140 sq. inches, 11.4 pounds), you'll probably only lug it around your home or office, setting it up in flat or reclining mode (with the rear kickstand). Specs are full PC-like, with your choice of Intel Core i3 to i7 processors, 8 GB RAM and up to 1 TB hard drive space. Alas, you pay for what you get, with a Japan price of between $1,800 to $2,300.

    Photo: Pocket-Lint.com

  • While we dream of a possible Samsung P10 (2650x1600 resolution) tablet, there are two pretty worthy options available today: the Series 5 and Series 7 tablets. Both are 11.6-inch tablets. The mid-range Series 5 has the Intel Atom Clover Trail processor and 9 hour battery life, while the Series 7 has a Core i5 and 5-6 hour battery life. Both support pen input, ala the Galaxy Note. Unlike other Windows 8 lap-tablets, the $100 keyboards are strictly optional. The Series 5 starts at $649, while the Series 7 starts at $1,119.

  • You might have already been considering the Toshiba Excite 13 tablet - it was released earlier this summer. It's a 13.3-inch (1600x900) Android 4.0 ICS tablet with an Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset that tips the scales at 2.2 pounds. The $650 price for the 32 GB version looked high compared to the similar-but-smaller $199 Google Nexus. Reviews were thus mixed. But I think the Excite 13 looks very reasonable today to anyone who doesn't need Windows 8 or a keyboard.

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  • Interesting, No Windows RT At That Size

    So Windows doesn't really have anything to compete with Android.
    • windows RT

      Does not compete with Android, it competes in the upper end of the market.
      • Re: “in the upper end of the market.”

        You mean, where the screens are smaller or larger?
    • Windows RT tablets seem to max out at 10 inches

      My take, and pardon if this seems obvious: RT is being pitched for entertainment, content consumption. Size not as big of a deal. It's workers and content creators who'll love the extra real estate most, and that's where full Windows 8 on Intel, with its backwards compatibility, plays best.
      • Re: RT is being pitched for entertainment, content consumption.

        Funny, those are things that Android devices do at least as well, and are doing now.

        Which doesn’t stop Android device makers offering larger screens for those who want them.
        • You must be day dreaming or just being another fandroid...

          ... Just point out one single android tablet that offers everything (not a fraction of what) Windows has been offering up to date. That's what I thought.

          Due to it's flexibility, there are now emulators (bluestack being the one I use on my Windows Se7en PC) to use most android applications on Windows Ei8ht Pro tablets; it's only a google away.

          All these RT tablets are just Windows versions of toyPads. The real deal is Windows 8 Pro running on intel. Those are the tablets every IT pro is waiting for, one that offers everything you've been doing on your laptop, simply with added features; no compromises and limitations requiring you to now carry an additional computer.
  • Resolution?

    As long as any of them have such low resolution, Nexus 10 will beat them all. Compare the 2560x1600 by the 1600x900. Hope laptop makers will soon realize that, until then, I will use my old laptop and buy nothing.
  • These aren't laptablets for the business/power users

    How would the HP Envy x2 qualify as a business laptablet? Unless there's an i5 or i7 processor there's no point discussing these models. I'd argue that the following specs should be in play for business "laptablets":

    11-12" screen, HD display
    i5 or i7 processor (preferably i7)
    4-8GB memory
    front and rear cameras (or at least one high end lens)
    two USB 3.0 ports
    1 VGA port (connecting to 2nd monitor)
    1 HDMI port
    1 Ethernet port
    SD card slot
    Slide-out, attached, or attachable keyboard
    Stylus pen

    Point me to a model that has these criteria and I'm all in.
    • re: These aren't laptablets for the business/power users

      Samsung Ativ smart PC PRO seems to mostly meet your requirements, except I think it has only 1 usb and no vga (but it does have hdmi and you could get a hmdi to vga converter).