Gartner warns business leaders not to ignore iPad

Gartner warns business leaders not to ignore iPad

Summary: The analyst firm has urged chief executives to collaborate with their technology officers to harness the possibilities of the iPad, which has the potential to shake up markets


Analyst firm Gartner has issued a sharp warning to chief executives to grab the opportunities offered by the iPad with both hands and to discuss the device's "disruptive" capabilities with their chief information officers.

According to Gartner, chief executives do not normally get involved in specific technology device decisions. But in a research note issued today, the analyst firm said company boses should make an exception for the iPad.

Key to Gartner's message is the idea that the iPad is not just "the latest consumer gadget", but actually a disruptive force that would redefine markets — as the iPhone did before it. "Media 'gurus' and forecasters struggled to categorise this device at the time of launch — and some made the mistake of assuming that, like all tablet-format devices before it, it would remain a niche product for a limited market," the analyst firm said.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Firms ignore the iPad at their peril: Gartner on ZDNet Australia.

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  • The use of iPads, and the need to support them, does appear to be an increasing reality for businesses of all types. With the appeal of the iPhone, and the screen size of a laptop, mobile workforces, such as salespeople, are only just beginning to realize the potential benefits of this device. In order for enterprises to realize the full potential of this new technology, IT organizations must be prepared to move beyond traditional mobile support and expertly support the iPad.