GE Software: The Bay Area's Giant Startup

GE Software: The Bay Area's Giant Startup

Summary: GE is building a formidable Software Center in San Ramon as part of its goal of transforming industry sectors and boosting its own productivity.


- Mr Ramaswamy runs a research group of about 25 people, with a goal of expanding to around 50 people.

- GE is trying to digitize as much of its business and services as it can, this generates a lot of data that can be used to improve efficiencies across all operations.

- With all the different software projects across its operations, the company is keen to choose common platforms.

- Developing predictive analytics is important, algorithms that can analyze big data and make predications. Analysis of image data is another important subject, in healthcare and other studies such as jet engine monitoring.

- How to apply existing technologies to solve important problems in GE sectors.

- Investigate collaboration technologies and how to utilize the knowledge of GE experts across remote geographies. This can help repair wind turbines, for example, by having the right parts already on hand along with the right instructions to local workers. This can cut repair turnaround time dramatically.

- The opportunity, and the challenge, is to create a new research group from scratch, to investigate the application of powerful new technologies, some of which are sourced from consumer technologies such as Microsoft's Kinect. 

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