Geekender Gallery: Top 10 Tech Tunes

Geekender Gallery: Top 10 Tech Tunes

Summary: For your weekend listening pleasure: ten songs about technology. Enjoy!

TOPICS: Tech Industry

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  • Deltron 3030: Virus (from Deltron 3030)

    A very fine rap track from a very fine concept album. The titular superhero overthrows megacorporations and oppressive government by, among other methods, unleashing computer viruses. Lyrics about erasing files and crashing hard disks set the tone, and the hordes of battle robots and deep space sci-fi battles are merely the sort of courtesy detail you wish would happen instead of your computer simply lurching to a halt. Damon Albarn guests, an experience which is said to have led to the formation of Gorillaz.

    Best Listened To While: Plotting the collapse of civilisation — or at least the downfall of Outlook. 


  • Balanescu Quartet: Computer Love

    There are far too many excellent technology love songs from Kraftwerk to choose from, so here's a rather different take on one of the classics. Computer Love has the simple wistful lyricism that Kraftwerk tied so effectively to throbbing machinery, a lyricism that the Balanescu Quartet emphasise with flowing strings and a sense of space.We can forgive it the ignominy of having its riff stolen - sorry, used with permission - by Coldplay.

    Best Listened To While: Deleting old emails from your ex and signing up to a raunchy singles site.


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • I Dream of Wires

    Surprised Gary Numan's 'I Dream of Wires' didn't get in there, Rupert.

    Best listened to while soldering together a breadboard amp design from Electronics Weekly.
    Manek Dubash