Geekender Gallery: Top 10 Tech Tunes

Geekender Gallery: Top 10 Tech Tunes

Summary: For your weekend listening pleasure: ten songs about technology. Enjoy!

TOPICS: Tech Industry

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  • Pixelh8: Math

    Much loved at ZDNet UK Towers, the gentle bearded baron of eight-bit showcases his work from Bletchley Park. Not only does the work include samples of sounds from a variety of vintage hardware, the very structure of the piece includes calculations made on the selfsame kit. Elsewhere, Mr h8 is busy writing music composition software and exploring the boundaries of what you can do with a dead Spectrum and a glint in your eye. Our kind of guy.

    Best Listened To While: Fitting a new PP3 to your Sinclair Enterprise calculator.


  • [The User]: Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers

    There's always been a fine line between performance art and music — and in this case, it's precisely one pixel thick. With care, software and good timing, dot matrix printers can pulse their pins fast enough to make a wide variety of nearly musical noises, and they've got natural, rhythm. This is created by a Canadian artists' collective, and it shows.

    Best Listened To While: Trying to calm down after finding out how much a new inkjet cartridge will cost.


Topic: Tech Industry

Rupert Goodwins

About Rupert Goodwins

Rupert started off as a nerdy lad expecting to be an electronics engineer, but having tried it for a while discovered that journalism was more fun. He ended up on PC Magazine in the early '90s, before that evolved into ZDNet UK - and Rupert evolved with them into an online journalist.

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  • I Dream of Wires

    Surprised Gary Numan's 'I Dream of Wires' didn't get in there, Rupert.

    Best listened to while soldering together a breadboard amp design from Electronics Weekly.
    Manek Dubash