German government approves BlackBerry Z10 purchase

German government approves BlackBerry Z10 purchase

Summary: Germany's information security office has approved a deal that will see the government buy 5,000 BlackBerry Z10 devices in the coming weeks for employee use.

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While the iPhone may be gaining allies with the U.S. government, the German government is still holding on to its loyal, trusty BlackBerry.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) approved a deal this week, reports AllThingsD, that will see the country purchase 5,000 BlackBerry Z10 touch-screen devices for civil servant and staff use. 

The devices will be fitted with Secusmart micro-SD card technology to bolster the device and the platform as a whole. (CNET's Stephen Shankland has more on Secusmart technology, which brings data encryption and secure voice and text messaging functionality to BlackBerry 10 devices.)

Analysts continue to speculate on sales figures and offer a wide berth of numbers, and BlackBerry is keeping quiet, not giving anything away except for vague statements about "better than expected" sales and suchlike.

But for BlackBerry, enterprise contracts are where the long term revenue is, and with consumer appeal still waning on the branding footing, the Canadian smartphone maker needs to claim its stake at the heart of the business world.

The German government's deal with BlackBerry may well be, despite the small number on the whole, one of the largest enterprise contracts the company has with BlackBerry 10 to date. That said, the U.S. government has seen a tumultuous time with the BlackBerry in recent weeks and months, with numerous U.S. departments ditching the older BlackBerry platform in favor of iPads and iPhones in the enterprise.

Many EU governments would still favor the BlackBerry over others, however, although in recent months the U.K. government approved iOS 6 for use in government, signaling a shift that even the loyal and faithful in Europe are preparing a switch to the rival platform.

Topics: Government, EU

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  • Android

    Good for RIM (Blackberry). I'm an Android user, but I'd hate to see RIM go away. Competition is good for everyone, and a robust, competitive mobile market is good for everyone. Same goes for Microsoft and Firefox. The more the merrier.
  • Windows phone is taking over goverments and businesses.

    iOS is a useless OS for enterprise and governments because most of the these institutions uses Windows. There is no innovation isniOS and the device prices is a rip-off. For example it has no support for NFC and the support for Office applications is non-existent.

    A Nokia phone running Windows will be the best solution for Enterprise and government, because they offer top security, office support, Exchange, SharePoint, SkyDrive etc. etc. at various price points, from $150 to $650. Windows platform provides the best tools for managing these devices.

    Android has no place in enterprise or governments because of the weak security model and malware.
    • You say that

      But I have only been disappointed by Windows products ever since Windows 98
      • good times...

        So, you retired in 1998. How is that PS/2 system working for you ? ;)
      • Well......

        It seems you probably don't even try their new products and probably haven't in a long time. They are making their best products ever. I wouldn't trade my Windows Phone for anything else. And its the most reliable phone I have ever owned and would be comparable only to iOS in stability and performance. Android can't even hold a candle to it in those aspects. The only thing lacking are some big name apps. I have found my alternates and enjoy them or don't even use the big name app at all and never would even if I did have it as an option. Instagram being one I would never use. I find it tacky and stupid to filter photos and have people gush over mediocre photos with filters!
    • And they lived happily ever after

      Another Children's fairytale story.
      Alan Smithie
  • Blackberry

    Is back! I have a strong feeling as more enterprise & government agencies give the Z10 a try a lot of them will rethink the premature decision to jump ship. BB's are responsible for the BYOD trend because they fell so far behind in the wooowww/ooooo/ahhhhh factors that people started ditching them. The Z10 has changed that in a huge way & people are starting to see it. Windows has a lot to offer also, Android increasingly excels for people who like handheld billboards & ios is quickly becoming old news still being shoved in our face
    • Agreed

      Windows 8 has no APIs for remote device management like iOS, Android, or BB 10 or Bbos >7.
      bb10 is great for BYOD and for company supplied devices.. We have launched 6 test z10s and the feedback has been overwhelming good.. Even from IOS and android lovers.

      Windows phones have struggled to gain market share and suffer from the same lack of developer support that new bb10 os is seeing.. Although the bb10 app world is rapidly expanding.

      One feature i'm yet to see on another platform is the ability to connect to internal file shares directly from the phone without the need for vpn etc. Work drive for blackberry is very slick.