Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Summary: The festive season is the right time to look back at those troubling manifestations that continue to haunt helpdesks, says Jack Wallen

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  • Recurring problems

    2. Solved issues that keep recurring
    You spent hours last month on that ADTRAN router to get RDP reaching the internal network. For some reason it just stopped working. So more toil is required to get it operational again. But then it stops again. Back to the drawing board, only this time all the settings you fixed last time are still fine. You can tell this is going to end badly. Not only are you going to have to solve a problem you reported fixed, you might well have to propose buying new hardware.

  • Money

    3. Clients refusing to pay
    If you operate as a consultant, your livelihood depends on your clients' willingness to pay. Non-payment is a problem no one wants, but it seems to be a common theme among self-employed support specialists. How do you avoid this nightmare? Rather than turn to a lawyer, there are several things you can do to avoid wrangles over non-payment.

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  • Night call

    4. The call in the middle of the night
    It's the witching hour and your special batphone rings to let you know the network is down. You can't remote in to check it out. Your only option is to get dressed and head out to the site to reboot whatever piece of equipment is at fault. Of course, you may be lucky, and a call to the provider will reveal a serious issue with your pipe, thereby sparing you a late-night trip.

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Topic: IT Employment

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