Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Summary: The festive season is the right time to look back at those troubling manifestations that continue to haunt helpdesks, says Jack Wallen

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  • Password of the week

    8. Lost admin passwords
    My memory is not what it once was, so a recurring nightmare is to forget the administrator passwords for various systems. This problem can be circumvented, but sometimes not easily. Forget that domain admin password and there could be problems. Forget that router admin password or Cisco admin password and you're going to have to jump through hoops to sort out the problem. You have to keep those passwords safe and for your eyes only.

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  • Panicked man

    9. Death of the VPN
    If an organisation has a number of employees who work remotely through a VPN and that tunnel goes down, havoc ensues. When this happens, you are held responsible. When a VPN goes down, lots of people can't work. That could mean a great deal of lost productivity — all on your shoulders. It's one reason why it's crucial to ensure the VPN is solid and not prone to drops or configuration issues.

  • QuickBook recovery

    10. A damaged QuickBooks data file
    As a certified QuickBooks engineer, I see this problem frequently. When something goes awry with a QuickBooks data file, if there are no backups to turn to, things can become tricky. What makes this issue especially hellish is that the company's finances are effectively resting in your hands. When money is at stake, panic rises to a level that other issues are unlikely to approach.

    Other frights?
    Being an IT pro can sometimes feel as if you're being chased by the spectre of one disaster after another. Why not share with us the event that has haunted you most?

    This story originally appeared as 10 frights that often haunt IT support pros on TechRepublic.

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