Gift Guide 2012: For the Apple-user on your list

Gift Guide 2012: For the Apple-user on your list

Summary: Here's a look at some of my favorite hardware items for the Apple user on your shopping list. This year's list includes my favorite headphones, bluetooth speakers and items for your desk, home, and car.

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  • ScotteVest Sport Coat - $200

    Even the most self-respecting geek has to go out once in a while. But the reason why we hate it is because we can't bring our iPad with us without looking like, well, a geek. That's where the ScotteVest Sport Coat comes in. Like the company's spiffy fleece jacket (which I reviewed in November), the SEV sport coat is a high-quality garment suitable for fine dining, the annual office holiday party or even a few pints at the neighborhood bar. What makes it amazing is its 23 pockets -- enough to store all your gadgets, including an iPad -- without tipping off your date or co-worker.

    The well-concealed pockets are designed so that they don't pull and bulge, giving away your secret passion for portable devices. The SeV sport coat can easily carry your wallet, passport, sunglasses, iPhone and iPad without making you look like a robot. Plus it has a stylish, classic sport coat shape with traditional three-button tailoring. It only comes in black because, let's face it, black goes with everything. 

    While the fleece jacket is great for colder climates (like here in the northeast), the sport coat is dressier and more appropriate for a date or holiday dinner. If you're fortunate enough to live in the sun belt (or Vegas!), SeV makes a killer, pin-striped After Hours Shirt ($80) with eight concealed pockets perfect for stashing your iPhone while jumping from ZipCar to OpenTable. All garments should have pockets like this. 

  • Cobra iRadar 200 radar detector - $159

    Nobody likes getting speeding tickets, they're unnecessarily time-consuming and expensive moving violations cut into your discretionary income (and gadget budget). That's why the iRadar 200 from Cobra is an essential piece of kit for lead-footed driver. Instead of spending extra cash for features on a purpose-built device, Cobra offloads the expensive stuff (like color screens) to your iPhone, keeping the price low. 

    iRadar 200 detects radar and laser guns with 360-degree protection and city/highway modes. While it will operate without a smartphone, the companion iPhone app (available for free in the App Store) is what makes it shine. When paired via Bluetooth the iPhone app displays live radar and laser alerts information from other iRadar users and allows you to submit your own.

    The iRadar app (also on Android) warns you of speed and red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections from the verified AURA camera database. While iRadar lists for $159, Amazon is selling it for a wallet-friendly $76. Read more in the CNET Review.

  • Sol Republic Tracks Ultra on-ear headphones - $179

    If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you probably also have a kickin' iTunes library. But why waste it on a pair of dinky white earbuds that don't do your tunes justice? If you spend any amount of time listening to music (or podcasts) on your iDevice you owe it to yourself to ditch the stock Apple earbuds and invest in a quality pair of headphones. My favorite are the Tracks Ultra on-ear headphones from Sol Republic

    You might recognize Tracks as the headphones of choice of a certain gold medal winner from the U.S. Olympic swimming team. I reviewed the Tracks HD headphones after watching the 2012 Summer Olympics in August. The Ultra models crank it up a notch by offering even better sound and deeper, richer bass courtesy of the company's V12 Sound Engine speakers. The Ultras are finished with a gorgeous, spun-aluminum finish and super-soft speaker pads.

    All Tracks headphones come with a practically indestructable headband and interchangeable cable with omni-directional microphone, volume controls and a 90-degree angle plug. And if the Ultras are too luxe for your budget, Sol Republic offers Tracks headphones starting at $99. 

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Reviews

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