Gift Guide 2012: For the Apple-user on your list

Gift Guide 2012: For the Apple-user on your list

Summary: Here's a look at some of my favorite hardware items for the Apple user on your shopping list. This year's list includes my favorite headphones, bluetooth speakers and items for your desk, home, and car.

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  • FoxL v2 Bluetooth speaker with apt-X - $199.99

    The FoxL v2 Bluetooth speaker's ($199.99) huge sound belies its tiny size, it produces mids and lows that I didn't think could come from such a small footprint. I loved it when I reviewed the original FoxL in 2011 and the updated version adds apt-X support which produces CD-like quality when Bluetooth streaming from apt-X compatible devices like the Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro (with OS X Snow Leopard or higher).

    The FoxL v2 sounded better than every Bluetooth speaker (of the same size) on display at my local Apple Store -- especially when playing songs in my "bass test" playlist, like the opening minute of Outkast's "The way you move." The FoxL v2 also has an amazing battery that I charge less than once per month. It's the perfect shelf speaker for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and it's small size makes it an ideal traveling companion for an iPhone or iPad. 

  • BookArc Pro desktop stand for MacBook Pro - $49.99

    The desktop computer is dead. Long live the desktop.

    If you're like me you use a MacBook as your primary computer and connect it to a large monitor and keyboard when the need arises. A notebook computer is simply more versatile than a desktop which is why most people them as a desktop. If you're in this camp (and your desk looks anything like mine) you need all the space you can get. Enter the BookArc Pro desktop stand for MacBook Pro which essetially turns your notebook into a desktop by keeping it vertical and out of the way while running with the lid closed (a.k.a. "clamshell mode").

    TwelveSouth engineered BookArc to fit the MacBook Pro perfectly and it even added subtle touches like integrated cable management to keep your desk from turning into a rat's nest. It includes silicone inserts for both the unibody and Retina MacBook Pro in the box. BookArc is also available for the MacBook Air ($39.99) and iPad ($29.99) and doubles as a great shelf stand to store your expensive Mac gear up and away -- which is amazing if you have little kids at home. 

  • Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk - $29.99

    Everyone could be more productive, especially in the car. That's where the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk from Wheelmate comes in handy. You'll find it hard to believe that you didn't think of this a long time ago. Be sure to read the customer reviews and to look at the customer images for this amazing product before ordering and, be safe out there!

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Reviews

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