Gift Guide 2013: Awesome Kindle Fire HDX accessories

Gift Guide 2013: Awesome Kindle Fire HDX accessories

Summary: A great tablet can be made even better by augmenting it with accessories, and there are some awesome add-ons for Amazon's flagship tablet.

TOPICS: Mobility

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Topic: Mobility

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  • armorsuit

    Before buying the armorsuit protector, check out the Amazon reviews, particularly the comments about the warranty.
  • What Accessories?

    You do realize that there really aren't that many real useful accessories for the Kindle Fire HDX, especially the 8.9 which I have. The Amazon Orgami case costs a fortune and the few other cases available are having some problems with the sleep/wake function or the rear camera. There should be tons of accessories out for these excellent tablets, but that isn't so. Your article is mis-leading and laughable!
  • Coal in yur stockings

    You know better than to pull a cheap slide show on us.
    Leo Regulus