Gift Guide 2013: Last-minute gift ideas

Gift Guide 2013: Last-minute gift ideas

Summary: With the holidays now just around the corner, I'm getting asked a lot about gifts for geeks. Well, here it is - a gift guide for all the geeks (both guys and gals) out there.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • RAM Mount X-Grip windshield mount

    The ultimate mount for anything that you might want to dangle from your windshield. There's an X-Grip mount for everything, from smartphones to the iPad.

    Mote that a separate mounting kit is needed for the X-Grip, which is sold separately.

    I can't recommend these highly enough. I've had various RAM Mounts for years and I can still get new parts and accessories for them.

    Link | Price: Varies.

    (Image: RAM Mount)

  • Anker Astro E5 15000mAh battery pack

    Keep your gadgets charged up when out and about with this awesome battery pack. It features a 15,000 mAh rechargeable battery and two USB ports, one outputting 1A and another outputting 2A, enough to charge up both an iPhone and iPad (or whatever else you might need to charge).

    All that in a pack small enough to slip into a pocket.

    Link | Price: Around $50.

    (Image: Anker)

  • Steward/Stand stainless steel wallet

    Want a wallet that can not only block RFID signals (thus keeping your RFID enabled credit cards & IDs secure) but is also stylish and heard-wearing? Look no further than the Steward/Stand range. Here you will find wallets for both ladies and gents in a variety of styles.

    Link | Price: Varies.

    (Image: Steward/Stand)

Topic: Hardware

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  • The Best Gift EVER !!!

    PLEASE !!! Promise us that you will not 'grace' us with any more Slide Shows in 2014. PLEASE!
    Leo Regulus