Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life

Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life

Summary: What do you get for a fan of tech giant Apple?


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  • Custom smartphone covers

    Online marketplace Etsy is a great way to find unusual gifts. If you're in the market for iPhone covers, a number of designers sell handmade cases which have anything from geometric designs to a retro payphone look displayed above.

    Each design is bonded on to plastic and will fit a number of models, including Apple and Samsung smartphones. 

    Via: Etsy

  • Apple bumper stickers

     If you'd like to share your opinion of Apple with the world, why not emboss it on your vehicle?

    Available from Cafe Press, these Apple bumper stickers display the "slide to unlock" function on iPads and iPhones. Each sticker will only cost you £3 each, and can be purchased as white or transparent.

    Via: Cafe Press

  • Apple soft furnishings

    These room pillows are a fun addition to any Apple fan's room, taking advantage of the "i" trademark. It measures 18"x 18", and can be bought for £15.

    Via: Cafe Press

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  • 1990's technology

    Hey, cool, another slide show on ZDNet, with all it's herky-jerky scrolling and flashing, pointing out once again the 1990's technology employed in this web site.
  • Get then a real system

    Get them a powerful gaming pc. They'll be amazed at what a real computer can do.
    Raw Burt
  • what they really need...

    ... is a stint in rehab to get off the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid.
  • How about a lesson in economics......

    ......and a book titled "I was a sheep following the crApple lunacy, but found help - and YOU can TOO!"
  • What they really need is...

    Electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life