Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life

Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life

Summary: What do you get for a fan of tech giant Apple?


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  • The Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

    For owners of the iPhone 5 who like to travel and take advantage of their camera, the Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit could be a suitable gift.

    The protective case is able to protect your iPhone from a drop of up to 15 feet, and lets you use your smartphone without damage in up to 15 feet of water. In addition, the case has an inbuilt three element all-glass wide-angle lens for the capture of video and images.

    Two other elements make this case an all-round cool accessory; two industrial strength adhesive rail mounts mean you can connect your iPhone to external objects such as helmets, and an optional sucker means you can attach it to almost any surface with a pressure rating of 120 pounds per square inch.

    The adventure suit costs $130, or $150 with the additional sucker accessory.

    Via: Photo Jojo

  • A lego iPad dock

    This is a custom dock for your Apple iPad which is made entirely out of Lego. Able to stand your tablet up for charging or syncing, the dock also has added back support with rubber grippers to reduce stress on a lightning connector.

    To stop the connector from moving around, lego clips hold it inside the dock. The kit has to be built from scratch and costs £19.95.

    Via: The Daily brick

  • Gelaskins

    The Gelaskin store contains scratch-resistant skins complete with artwork prints for your mobile device. Over 100 artists are currently registered on the website, where artwork can be printed on cases to protect devices including mobile phones, game controllers, tablets and MP3 players. 

    Via: Gelaskins

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  • 1990's technology

    Hey, cool, another slide show on ZDNet, with all it's herky-jerky scrolling and flashing, pointing out once again the 1990's technology employed in this web site.
  • Get then a real system

    Get them a powerful gaming pc. They'll be amazed at what a real computer can do.
    Raw Burt
  • what they really need...

    ... is a stint in rehab to get off the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid.
  • How about a lesson in economics......

    ......and a book titled "I was a sheep following the crApple lunacy, but found help - and YOU can TOO!"
  • What they really need is...

    Electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Gifts for the Apple maniac in your life