Glassdoor: Google ranked top company with best business outlook

Glassdoor: Google ranked top company with best business outlook

Summary: Perhaps there is another reason why Googlers always look so happy all the time besides the free food: job security.


Google has a lot to celebrate (or at least promote) this week as I/O 2013 comes to a close. But here's one more proud title that the Internet giant can add to the list.

A new report from the online jobs and careers community Glassdoor lists the top 10 companies across all verticals with the best financial outlook for at least the next six months.

The Android maker tops the list.

Actually, the technology industry dominates the list by capturing the top six spots. Following up Google are Qualcomm, Yahoo, SAP, Amazon, and Tata IT consultancy services respectively.

Approximately 86 percent of Google employees are reported to believe that the Mountain View, Calif.-headquartered company's business will perform better in the next six months.

Compare that to the average on Glassdoor's online community. Covering roughly 250,000 companies listed on Glassdoor, only 38 percent of employees think that their companies' business outlooks will improve in the next six months.


The bright outlook for Google (not to mention the following five aforementioned businesses) follows up another report earlier this week from Glassdoor that highlighted Facebook.

The social network's future also looks more promising as most employees seem more optimistic in a post-IPO work environment.

As of April 30, CEO Mark Zuckerberg had an approval rating of 98 percent while 95 percent of current employees said they would recommend the Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered company to friends looking for work. That's based on 393 ratings posted to Glassdoor.

Chart via Glassdoor

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  • Hmm

    Where are Apple and MS on this list?
    • The poll is taken by employees of the company

      So it's possible they live in a bubble that allows them to believe something that isn't true? Maybe fed disinformation by the higher ups?

      Not saying that IS the case, but a real possibility, since you asked.
      William Farrel
      • Hmm

        Maybe the employees weren't allowed to participate but, Google looks like an awesome place to work from all the information that comes out of that company.
        • Just the opposite

          Unless you are a developer Google could care less about you. All those benefits you always hear about are only for upper management.

          Why Google Employees Quit

          • All those benefits you always hear about are only for upper management.

            Sound more like life in the Microsoft world to me Loverock.
            Over and Out
          • within microsoft

            the only motivation for management is keeping cushy jobs, sabotaging new talent that threatens them, and products suffer as we have been seeing.
          • Outside, in the rest of the world...

            Microsoft would seem to be doing quite right, as witnessed by their quarterly reports, which show a company with great sales and profits.

            Perhaps you need to get out more, and witness what is really happening, and not what you are imagining.

      • lol

        yeah the employes are wrong, you know the truth of course!

        Kudos for they way you said it too. let's see if I can do it too. So it's possible that you are a complete asshole. Not saying that IS the case, but a real possibility.
  • The only employees who actually know are legally prevented from saying so.

    The only people in a public company with any real knowledge of corporate financial outlook are severely constrained on what they can say, how they say it, and whom they can say it to. This is just a survey of how optimistic an undefined sample of employees are.