Glassdoor stats reveal Yahoo employee sentiments about CEO Mayer

Glassdoor stats reveal Yahoo employee sentiments about CEO Mayer

Summary: Do Yahoo employees want to see Marissa Mayer around for another year? Glassdoor reveals what it has found.


Marissa Mayer has been at the helm of Yahoo for the last year now, so online jobs and careers community Glassdoor has published numbers about how the chief executive's leadership has been received.

Survey says? For the most part, the odds are in her favor.

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Researchers found that Mayer has an 85 percent cumulative approval rating as CEO, based on 179 Yahoo employee reviews. Employees were asked whether they approve of the way their CEO is leading the company.

For reference, as of the first quarter of fiscal year 2013, Yahoo had approximately 11,300 employees worldwide.

However, Glassdoor hints there is room for improvement by highlighting higher approval ratings for other famous CEOs in the Valley.

According to the jobs site, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had a 97 percent cumulative approval rating, Google’s Larry Page earned 95 percent, and Apple’s Tim Cook had a 93 percent approval rating as of July 10.

Furthermore, employee job and company satisfaction levels have only improved slightly under her tenure compared to that of her predecessors.

On a five-point scale from 1.0 meaning "very dissatisfied" to 5.0 for "very satisfied," Yahoo got a 3.7 under Mayer — up from 3.4 for Scott Thompson and 3.2 points for Carol Bartz.

In terms of feedback on notable (and sometimes controversial) changes that Mayer has instilled, comments ran the gamut from support for free food and mobile device benefits to criticism over the elimination of the work-from-home option.

This particular piece of feedback from an anonymous Yahoo marketing director at the Internet company's Sunnyvale, Calif. headquarters might sum up the last year and near future best:

"Past failures (CEOs) still haunt Yahoo!... but Marissa is making fast work of retrofitting the company for the future. It will take time to turn around."

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  • My rating

    Yahoo! Sports refreshing constantly gets a Fail rating from me... I hope advertisers are smart enough to get real pageview stats...
    beau parisi
  • The numbers on the other CEOs..

    ...seem to show a nearly cult-like following of the CEOs. Given how Apple fans are, I wouldn't at all be surprised to find such a cult-like following of Tim Cook, and I suspect the same thing at Google and Facebook.
    Jacob VanWagoner
  • They Must Have Mostly Surveyed Engineers and Management

    Engineers and management feel just ducky about what's going on there, thus why Mayer thinks everything is bright and shiny from Sunnyvale. Away from the glass castle, though, as someone who has friends in a number of Yahoo offices, the rank-and-file feel as downtrodden and disposable as ever. Many have already jumped ship, and the rest are feeling the pressure as the company continues to lay off contract employees, leaving them to pick up the slack. All the free lunches in the world don't make you feel any better about a work environment that increasingly makes "Office Space" look reasonable and sane by comparison.

    And, before someone comments that I must not know that this is the way I.T. has been since the Dot Bomb dropped, believe me, I am all too aware of it. For all of the supposed employees-are-so-bright-and-happy-at-Yahoo spin I've been seeing from Mayer and other Yahoo execs who can't seem to look beyond their own benefit packages, however, Yahoo seems to be taking hosing their lower employees to a whole new level of late.
  • So 179 butt-kissers

    out of ~11,300 delivered an 85% approval rating? Yeah, that's real valid...
  • Believing Glassdoor???

    Glassdoor erased most of the negative comments already. It's business 101, if someone pay you, you would shut up. Like hell I would trust Glassdoor because there's no real check and balance. Yep, the one who last the longest are the laborious sheeps or the butt-kissers. The great Titanic is sinking, the captain and his crews already got the best life vests, jump ship anyone?