GM doubles down on its internal IT

GM doubles down on its internal IT

Summary: GM shows how serious they are about IT changes with new datacenters and jobs.

TOPICS: Data Centers

GM, which last October announced they were bringing 3000 IT jobs back into the company after changing the way their IT division worked from using outside contractors to internal assets, has started adding a second new datacenter to their US operations in the Detroit area as a major step in their plan to reduce their number of datacenters worldwide from 23 to 2.

The transformation goal is not just for the hardware and facilities; of the 10,000 GM IT jobs currently handled by outside contractors, GM plans to move 90 percent back in-house.

The first of their new generation datacenters took three years to build and cost $130 million. The new datacenter is expected to go from last month’s ground-breaking to fully operational in about 12 months. The difference in speed stems from the new facility being a copy of the last design, with about $100 million in building costs and almost $160 million in IT equipment when the datacenter is fully operational. The site could also support as many as 1,500 jobs.

When completed, the new datacenter will also be available as a mirror for the primary site, solving the issue of DR/BC for GM at this level. The two facilities are within 50 miles of each other but will presumably have different access points to the Internet, network backbones, and the power grid to allow for continuity of services in the event of a significant disaster. 

The new facility is being built on existing GM property, the Milford Proving Ground (the home of the GM Performance Division), which has been a design and testing center for GM since 1924 and covers almost 4000 acres.

Topic: Data Centers

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  • Good for DR?

    Sorry, the Data Centers are too close to one another. Even if they are on separate grids, etc.. A major disaster in the area will most likely impact both. Although I completely agree with GM's moves to insource and to place more emphasis on IT because I think this will give them a distinct competitive advantage. Their Data Center location selection is simply a poor DR implementation.
  • more US jobs

    I know several people in IT who have changed jobs and are now working for GM. Good for GM!
  • GM, expanding?

    We had 3 GM vehicles and could NOT get rid of them fast enough. It took just over 1 year to sell them off.
    So few people want GM's these days. Just look at all the private selling vehicle you pass by. YUP, mostly GM.
    4.5 years ago they DOUBLED there parts prices and got help from our gov (US) and still refuses to work with the American public as to what we want, not what they have to offer.
    Where's the +80 mpg vehicles at???
    LOL yah right. NOT from GM! Asia or Germany more likely.
    One 2 seater VW gets 1,009 mpg. YES over 1,000 MPG!!!
    • So few people want GM's these days?

      "Just look at all the private selling vehicle you pass by. YUP, mostly GM. "

      Right, it couldn't be that they last longer, and sold more, so you see more for sale. And if your just look at all the private sales of pickups - YUP, mostly Ford.

      More proof Ford should get out of the truck business.

      So yes, GM is expanding as more people want their vehicles, even if you can't acknowledge that.
      William Farrel
    • Or maybe

      there are more GM's on the road, therefore more to be turned over. Wait a minute, I know who you are! You're the guy with the Kia who's axle came off in the middle of the road the other day! Okay, I know it wasn't you, but in the 21st century, to have an axle come off!! Seriously! And you're GM bashing???