GM taps HP for IT transformation

GM taps HP for IT transformation

Summary: The automaker strikes a multi-year deal with the tech giant to deploy global services and products throughout its operations -- as well as transfer 3,000 employees.


Is General Motors a technology company? 

That's the question I ask its executives every time I see them, but it's never more true than today. The American automaker has inked a collection of multi-year project services and software contracts with Hewlett-Packard that are intended to accelerate its ongoing IT transformation efforts.

It's no joke: 3,000 HP employees already working on GM's business will transition to the automaker's employment rolls to get the job done, moving its business model from a highly out-sourced situation to largely in-sourced one with the hope of getting employees to focus more on innovation and not operations.

As such, GM will open new "IT innovation centers" in Austin, Texas; Warren, Mich.; and two more not-yet-announced locations. GM has also purchased HP's IT Performance Suite, Enterprise Security Suite, Vertica and Autonomy software to bring its applications development, support, operations and computing capabilities up to speed. (GM is HP's first customer to buy the entire package, end to end.)

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