Gmail to support accented and non-Latin characters

Gmail to support accented and non-Latin characters

Summary: Google is adopting a standard that will recognise email addresses containing accented or non-Latin characters.


In a step towards making emails more "global", Google has announced that Gmail, and shortly Calendar, will begin recognising email addresses containing accented or non-Latin characters.

Google is adopting an email standard, RFC 6530, that was created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) back in February 2012. It will enable Gmail users to send emails to, and receive emails from, people who have these characters in their email addresses.

"Less than half of the world's population has a mother tongue that uses the Latin alphabet. And even fewer people use only the letters A-Z. So if your name (or that of your favourite pet) contains accented characters (like 'José Ramón') or is written in another script like Chinese or Devanagari, your email address options are limited," Google wrote on its blog post. "But all that could change."

The company also hopes to, in the future, make it possible to allow users to use these characters when they create Gmail accounts.

According to the IETF's abstract, by introducing a series of specifications that define mechanisms and protocol extensions, it can fully support internalised email addresses. These changes include an SMTP extension and extension of email header syntax to accommodate UTF-8 data.

Last month, Google added 13 new languages in Gmail: Afrikaans, Armenian, Azerbaijani (Azeri), Chinese (Hong Kong), French (Canada), Galician, Georgian, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhala, and Zulu.

"Language should never be a barrier when it comes to connecting with others and with this step forward, truly global email is now even closer to becoming a reality," Google said.

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  • Good Luck using that kinf of mail adress!

    I have mail addresses with plus "+" signs in them and a lot of web sites dont accept that! How will they then be able to support accented letters?
  • Gmail is a joke and

    are three different people and their emails all arrive in inbox.

    the emails I get are a privacy and security JOKE

    Anything but Gfail
  • Gmail = Fail

    Gmail is just to old looking and confusing. The way replies are done is odd where the newest body is at the bottom of the email. The buttons, menus, and options are located haphazardly on the screen. is done right!
    Sean Foley
  • G-Mail is crap!

    For my usage, 15 GB is not enough. That's why I'm using Yahoo Mail. At present, my Yahoo Mail contains millions of emails and it's not full either. Because, Yahoo Mail's storage capacity is 1 TB!

    For the comparison, my friend runs an Internet Cafe. It's been now 3 years since it started. His Internet Cafe's official email ID is with G-Mail. Guess what, with only 2000+ mails, his G-Mail account is almost full. His G-Mail account used up-to 74% of the 15 GB with just 2000+ emails!

    On the other hand, my Yahoo Mail account contains millions of emails and it's not full either!

    Some products of Google, which includes Google Chrome, G-Mail etc. are just low quality services/products. Majority people go for Google services/products just because of the brand image and also because of 'over hype'. There are many services and products which offers more quality than Google's.

    It's beginners who always choose Google Products without much thinking. On the other hand, geeks know where to look for their needs! ;)