Good Android apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Good Android apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Summary: I have been using the Galaxy Note 10.1 for a few weeks and find the big screen is great for most apps. This is a collection of some really good ones including some apps preinstalled on the Galaxy.


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  • (Image: Screenshot by James Kendrick/ZDNet)

    Pocket Informant

    This PIM app is the best on any platform, and there are versions for most of them. The many displays are wonderful on the Note 10.1 

    The week view is shown in this slide.

  • (Image: Screenshot by James Kendrick/ZDNet)

    Chrome browser

    I use Chrome on every device I use, and it works especially well on the Note 10.1. Web pages display well in either landscape mode (shown) and portrait mode. Touch operation of the browser is smooth as butter, and makes web surfing a breeze.

    Chrome also works with the S Pen in hover mode, as dropdown boxes work as they do on the desktop with the pen hovering over them.

  • (Image: Screenshot by James Kendrick/ZDNet)


    The Android app for working with Google+ is simply wonderful, and especially so on the large display of the Note 10.1. The timeline is presented in a magazine layout that makes following updates a pleasant experience.

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  • Clock widget

    What is that clock/weather widget you are using on the first screen shot?
  • HD Widgets

    A great collection of widgets for both phones and tablets. Another similar good set of widgets is Beautiful Widgets. That comes with the live wallpaper I'm using in that screen shot.
  • Value Add Apps

    I rarely comment on anything but was disappointed in this list. Almost all of these are included apps. The list is really remiss to not have included SketchBook for drawing/sketching and LectureNotes for taking handwritten notes. I liken SNote to how I use a sticky note and LectureNotes to a real notebook for meeting notes, ideas, etc.

    For a PIM PocketInformant 3 is superior to SPlanner I think in every way imaginable.
    • Missed your PI2 Screenshot

      But still worth mentioning PI3 and Lecture Notes.
  • The apps fit the other android tablet

    I have a DY tablet,want to know whether the apps can fit my tablet.
    • what app

      can you tell exactly app name, but I believe they'll fit any android tablet
  • Please give us a break....

    It is now the second quarter of the new year.

    ZD Net only had one important New Year's Resolution this year. '"No Slide Show Articles with out a prominent 'View-as-one-page' link." How's that working out for you so far?

    On my side of the fence, as Client/customer, You aren't doing well at all. Nearly every issue, you violate me with one of your Slide Show articles.

    Please, re-examine your priorities. You do know how to do it - 'View as Single Page' link. It just isn't that hard and speaks volumes about your respect and concern for your Client / Customers.

    Also, when I have to skip articles, I do not get to see your advertisers' messages.
    Leo Regulus
  • Value adding apps

    Looking on preinstalled apps list I have an idea that Samsung only orient on gaming/emailing/twitting audience. Before I bought my tablet I was looking for a device that will be helpful in my work, not just playing games. I used S Notes. Nice app. but I felt somehow tired reusing my notes in my email to colleagues and my working calendar. I user Pocket Informant as well. But I decided to find an application that will work like a real organizer and have this handwriting recognition function. And I found on Samsung App - iAssistant. I bought it, 'cause it's paid app. It works great for me: I can use notes directly to create tasks/events in Calendar, to make appointments, to share my ideas with colleagues. I wish Samsung add more apps like this iAssistant.
  • good information.

    I rarely comment on anything but was disappointed in this list. Almost all of these are included apps.

    i like to share one think happy recently i brought the Nokia Lumia 520 in Ezeekart with 20% discount.Its amazing i love the way they make the client comfortable.