Good apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Good apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Summary: The 8-inch screen on the Note 8.0 is the perfect size to take advantage of portability while displaying lots of information. These apps work well on the Note 8.0 and should run well on other Android tablets.


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  • Mindjet for Android

    You either understand the benefits of mind maps or you don't; if so you should check out Mindjet for Android. This app from the producers of one of the best mindmapping programs ever written, MindManager, is full-featured and works well on the 8-inch screen of the Note 8.0.

    The graphical mind maps can use text and graphics in the topic boxes and have links to supporting documents. 

    Mindjet works with Dropbox to keep your maps in the cloud and can produce MindManager files for use with the desktop verson.

    Free on the Play Store

    NOTE: I previously used Thinking Space Pro which has "merged" with Mindjet and is no longer available.

  • Polaris Office

    This office suite is preinstalled on the Galaxy Note 8.0 and it is a solid performer. It is compatible with Microsoft Office documents, although complex formatting may not be handled properly. Basic Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents are handled fine and the 8-inch tablet is particularly suited for editing.

    In addition to the Office document handling, Polaris can also work with PDF files.

    Preinstalled on the Note 8.0

  • Press Reader

    Those who like the newspapers of yesteryear but who don't appreciate all the paper those require and the ink-stained fingers they cause should check out this app. Press Reader lets you subscribe to favorite newspapers from a vast global library. The papers are presented just like the actual print editions, ads and all, and the app makes it easy to move around the paper. The reading experience in Press Reader is surprisingly similar to that of paper newspapers.

    Free, subscriptions to newspapers required (there is a free trial to check it out)

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  • Paypyrus vs. OneNote?

    Mr. Kendrick,

    How does Papyrus stack up against OneNote? Your articles and reviews have convinced me that a Windows 8 Tab (like the VivoTab you returned) with OneNote is the solution I'm looking for. Searching across handwritten notes and serious organizatoin of thoughts in pages and notebooks is vital. Does Papyrus support any of this (i.e. handwriting recognition & search)?

    Also, how have you found the battery life on the Note 8.0 with regard to note taking? I've heard it's not stellar when playing video, but for just researching, editing, and writing is it a passable all day device?

    I'm holding out for a BayTrail Windows 8 tablet right now, but I am always open to other solutions, especially when they might be less expensive.

    Thank you for your time and your reviews, which I find very helpful.
    • Kingsoft Office > Polaris Office

      I use spreadsheets on Android and Kingsoft Office has superior touch interface to Polaris especially for cut/copy/paste of cells which I do a lot.
      Makes using spreadsheets on tablets more bearable.
    • Galaxy Note 8

      I was holding out for the Galaxy Note 8 as a device to replace paper notebooks, Moleskine etc. After measuring the dimensions, I decided to get a Note 10.1 to get that extra bit of area for writing. I did and am well pleased with it so far.

      As the Note 8 will not fit into shirt or trouser pockets (I work in Africa and rarely wear a jacket), I feel I have not lost out on anything. I already have a Note 2 which has replaced my pocket Moleskine notebook. This is fine for quick and dirty notes, but less so for extended meetings.

      Up to now I have only been using S-Note, however I downloaded Papyrus last night to try out. Like other users have mentioned, I would like Folders (S-Note has these) into which one can place one or several notebooks.
      AN O'Nymous
    • have you seen Trace Drawing ?

      the app lets you trace on your photos and then paste the sketch on a different Background.
  • Battery life is good

    The battery lasts all day. I haven't run benchmarks but it gets me through the day which is my need. OneNote on Windows 8 is the best note-taking solution out there. I like Papyrus on the Note 8.0 but if I was going to take a lot of notes I'd go with OneNote.
    • Note 2?

      Hi James, wondering if you still have your Note 2 and if so, how you use them together. Thanks
    • OneNote

      I used OneNote in 2004 and for a few years after that, never understood why it was not promoted more than it was and has been,.

      Now I use Evernote as it syncs with my Windows 7 Ultrabook and two Android devices (Galaxy Note 2 and 10.1), although handwriting is not native on Evernote I believe.

      I'm not obsessed about handwriting recognition, but may experiment as I enter the second half of my seventh decade.
      AN O'Nymous
  • If the price comes down enough...

    I might consider it as a more usable replacement for my little-used Archos 80. Athough it is nominally also an 8" tablet, it is much heftier and bulkier than the Samsung, so I don't take it around with me that much. However, it only cost me $125 last year with sale pricing and hefty coupon discount. Samsung's Note 8 would have to get well under $300 to get my interest in another Android "experiment".
    • Well...

      While I can appreciate where you are coming from, I am not sure I would agree that the Samsung Note - particularly the newest version that Mr. Kendrick is referring to here - could be described as "another Android experiment". It is quite a well-developed device and from what Mr. Kendrick reports, it is quite stable too. If I was not already invested in two tablets (Surface RT + Nexus 10), I would have seriously considered the Note 8.0 principally for the S-pen.
      • Personal Experiment -

        I have tried out well over a dozen Android tablets, and half a dozen phones, in the last 2 years or so as part of my "experiments" in finding my ultimate portable computing platform. I have also dabbled in PDA/HPC's (Palm, Handspring, Zaurus, Jornada 6x0/72x), UMPC's, Tablets (as in Fujitsu Sytlistics from over 10 years ago), netbooks, and Fujitsu "P" Lifebooks (deluxe "netbooks" before the term was coined), etc. So, yes, an experiment for me to see what suits my modus computus ;-}

  • Love the size of this tablet

    If only the Nexus 7 was a Nexus 8! Love the size of this tablet and iPad Mini. Sevens are a tad too small whereas my Nexus 10 is just too big. I'm freakin' Goldilocks here.
    • 7 > 8

      I prefer 7" screen to 8".
      had a trial with the note 8 and while it's awesome, the one thing it can't do is fit nicely in a pocket. Like the iPad mini, it is a hand carry kind of tablet rather than a pocketable, like a Nexus 7. If I have to hand carry, then I may as well lug my Asus Transformer and have a keyboard, mousepad, dual SD cards and 15 hour battery life and be able to use it as a USB charger to charge up my phone if need arises. I don't often wear a coat with a big enough pocket so the 8 inchers aren't quite pocketable for me on a daily basis.
      Note 7 please Samsung? pretty please! with cherry on top!