Good starter apps for your Windows 8 tablet

Good starter apps for your Windows 8 tablet

Summary: Windows 8 tablets are starting to appear in earnest and it's a good time to find some good apps to get new owners started. If you've purchased a Surface tablet or other brand, these apps will help get you going.


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  • Tweetro+

    This is another decent app for working with Twitter. It is less flashy than Rowi in the previous slide but also has an attractive interface.

    It uses multiple columns to present the Twitter timeline and show off shared images and web links. It is pretty expensive for a Twitter app but included in this collection as it is popular with some users.

    Tweetro+ -- $9.99

  • Tweetdeck in IE

    This is hands-down my favorite way to work with Twitter. I use Twitter all day and the clean interface of Tweetdeck in the Metro browser is great.

    The smooth operation of Tweetdeck in IE makes it a joy to use and follow multiple columns of information as shown in the image above.

    Tweetdeck -- Free (not an app a web page)

  • Calculator Pro

    A good calculator is something I install on every mobile device I use and the Windows tablet is no exception. I like this app for its clean interface and simple touch operation.

    There is both a basic and scientific calculator that can be toggled at will.

    Calculator Pro -- $1.49

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  • James

    Thank you very much. those are definitely a good collection of apps. Please take a look at Nova Mind, a mind mapping tool, which is really good at what it does. The only thing I hate about it is in app purchase. I hate any in app purchase based apps. All my storage is another app, where I can have all most of my cloud storage(s) like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box etc. cloud based storages including local in one snapshot. StarChart and SkyMap are another set of good apps, who are into star gazing like me. And finally LifeNote is another notepad organized into the lifestyle.
    Ram U
    • windows 8 sucks

      windows 8 sucks
      Henrique Dourado
      • mistake

        Surface PRO is a big mistake

        - Surface with Windows 8 is a brick ( 910 grams )

        - Very Expensive $889 or 999

        - real bad battery life

        - A tablet with no GPS, no 3G, no NFC, ...all for the low price of $889 !!

        - windows uses more than 30 GB 64 GB

        -the tablet has cooler

        does not work like tablet
        Henrique Dourado
        • How much you get paid to post the same nonsense over and over again?

          please tell me, I do want some extra dough to clear up some obligations. If you don't please STFU and use your "whatever device you like".
          Ram U
          • RAM U How much you get paid to post the same nonsense over and over again?

            "please tell me, I do want some extra dough to clear up some obligations. If you don't please STFU and use your "whatever device you like""

            Over and Out
        • Spam Bot

          ZDNet don't have any spam filter?
        • .

          Surface Pro non-users need not respond.

          "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." - Lincoln
          • Lincoln

            I didn't know that was Lincoln. Thanks
          • It was Lincoln, and Mark Twain, and even appears in the bible,

            so, which came first?

            Varying versions of the same proverb:

          • That's because is wasn't

            It is only relatively recently that Lincoln began being credited with this saying. However there is no evidence to support this attribution. Other's claim it was Mark Twain, with equally scant evidence. The basic thought goes much farther back in time, at least to Proverbs 17:28, though sufficiently distinct enough to make claiming it as the original source equally dubious.
          • Well, you're no help, and casting doubt on all aources, doesn't

            answer the question.

            You have to start and end somewhere, and,with the bible holding so many proverbs and lessons, why not give it most of the credit, since, as far as can be determined, no earlier source for the contents of the proverb is known. Perhaps it came from Plato or some Greek some 4 thousand years ago, and was passed down as some words of wisdom by which to live.
          • Try keeping up

            First, AGAIN, the Lincoln attribution only began recently, an he most likely did NOT coin it. Second, the credit does NOT go back to Provebs, because Proverbs 17:28, while expressing a similar idea, was not even close in terms of how it was said.
        • Woah

          Really? Don't you have anything better to do?
          Michael Alan Goff
        • Yawn. You're boring as heck

          and not the brightest bulb in the box if you think anything you post is looked at for anything other then it is, which isn't much to be honest.

          You are a FAKE Henrique Dourado.
          William Farrel
        • Loving the Surface haters... bunch of morons

          I love listening to all you freaking morons b*thing about the lack of GPS and NFC on the Surface. I don't know about what laptop that you have that has those things on it, but to hear you idiots complain about something that you can't even get on a regular ultrabook or laptop is pretty funny.

          Bunch of dumb asses.
      • use it!

        Spent last weekend playing with a loan Samsung Ativ tablet pc or whatever you choose to call it. It is actually really nice and the UI is super. Still one or two driver / bugs to sort but the concept works in my opinion.
      • So your name is Windows 8.

        well, you said "windows 8 sucks" so it's obvious to put together.
        William Farrel
    • The most valuable Application is Remote Desktop

      James, you have to admitted, the best application for the surface RT & PRO or at least for RT is Remote Desktop and is FREE!!!! I use RD for music, check my house. use legacy apps.....
      So please put this one at first place.. :)
      • have to agree the most valuable Application is Remote Deskto

        the RDP app is a great app, also noticed if you RDP into a non-touch Windows 8 machine with a Surface RT for example its gives you the full touch functionality on the remote PC. very well done.
        • Win8 Controller For WP8

          facilitates using your WP8 to control your Win8 PC in the same fashion. There are a few others available that do this too.