Google ABC’s… I Like

Google ABC’s… I Like

Summary: My company has been listed in Google’s auto-complete web services for a long time; if you type in “MyMobiS” you’ll see the auto-complete for my brand

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My company has been listed in Google’s auto-complete web services for a long time; if you type in “MyMobiS” you’ll see the auto-complete for my brand For some of the most popular web searches however, they’ve penetrated the coveted Google ABC’s… which is when you type just one letter “A, B, C,…” their brand is the first to show in the auto-complete.

For fun, do a Google search and type in the letter A, what you’ll find to no surprise is “Amazon” as the first auto-complete suggestion. What about the other brands that pop up? Here is a little list I made and some of the auto-complete brands might surprise you.

A=Amazon B=Best Buy C=Craigslist D=Dictionary E=Ebay F=Facebook G=Gmail H=Hotmail I=IMDB J=Jet Blue K=Kohls L=Lowes M=Mapquest N=Netflix O=Old Navy P=Pandora Q= Quotes S=Southwest Airlines T=Target U=USPS V=Verizon Wireless W=Walmart X=XM Radio Y=Youtube Z=Zillow

While the Google auto-complete feature may make you question how some sites/searches take priority (as a fun example type “I like” into Google to see the funniest auto-complete priority around) the reality is that it means mega hits for the sites that make it into the priority. Interestingly enough, despite having spent tons of money in the beginning advertising with Google for, we didn’t seem to make it into the Google auto-complete directory until I had published a blog regarding an operational vulnerability within Google’s Android Mobile Operating System… go figure???

If you want to take a website global, the reality is that people need to be able to find it and that is exactly where Google fits into foreign market entry. Does your firm appear in Google’s auto-complete feature? Whether you’re a small business or a multinational, the reality is that if you don’t have an accessible website, you will struggle and likely suffocate as the business domain continues its digital expansion. Who will emerge as a titan of mobile search? Will Google struggle in this unique landscape of mobile search just as Microsoft has with their mobile operating system?

BTW… I Like= i like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur

Cheers, Eric Everson - If technology is the wave of the future, then call Surfer Magazine because my board is waxed and I’m in the barrel!

Topic: Mobility


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