Google allows bigger, faster Cloud SQL databases

Google allows bigger, faster Cloud SQL databases

Summary: The company has updated its Cloud SQL service, increasing the maximum size of databases tenfold and the maximum size of instances fourfold. Users can also now choose whether they want their database stored in a US or EU datacentre.

TOPICS: Cloud, Google, EU

Google has updated its Cloud SQL database to allow more storage, as well as faster reads and writes.

The revamp of the cloud-based MySQL service, which also introduces the ability to choose between US or EU datacentres, was announced on Thursday in a blog post by product manager Joe Faith. Google Cloud SQL was launched last year, and became a paid service this June.

The biggest change in the update is probably that of the available storage — previously limited to 10GB, databases using the service can now go up to 100GB. The maximum size of instances has been increased fourfold to 16GB RAM, allowing for faster reads.

On the write side, Faith said: "We're adding functionality for optional asynchronous replication, which gives the write performance of a non-replicated database, but the availability of a replicated one."

In addition, customers can now choose whether to run a Cloud SQL database in a US or EU datacentre. This would be useful for European enterprises nervous of breaking data protection rules by storing personal data outside the union.

The final update is for companies that use Google Apps. These can now use Cloud SQL in conjunction with the collaboration suite to "publish and share data with Google Sheets, add data to Google Sites pages or create simple Google Forms without worrying about hosting or configuring servers", Faith wrote.

Topics: Cloud, Google, EU

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  • Amazon cloud is better

    Google is desperately trying to be like Amazon. But Amazon EC2 etc does it so much bigger and so much better.
    Tim Acheson
  • Step by Step EUs security/privacy concerns are being met

    Chrome adds don't track option; now a keep it in EU option. What's next scan and add any App like Bing or iOS maps and get EU to enforce reciprocity by Microsoft and Apple?
  • 100GB? big deal

    A nice step forward but I have databases that size on my devleopment machine. Call me when they hit a terrra bite. There is still a long way to go. The infamous car analogy: The new google cloud is a '32 Ford coupe.
    • Re: 100GB? big deal100GB? big deal

      You maybe know that Microsoft SQL Azure have also similar limitation about the DB size ... and hornestly speaking I'd think that these limitations is more about forcing developers to choose the right tools for the right tasks. Should you feel that you need store >100Gb in the single db instance you need take a look at highly scallable Tables, Blobs or MongoDB (in Azure) or S3 (in Amazon)
      Andrey Lartsev
  • Call me when they have a REAL database engine..

    Something like MSSQL or Oracle.. MySQL just doesn't scale as well as the 'big boys'..