Google and Oracle head for court as talks hit a wall

Google and Oracle head for court as talks hit a wall

Summary: The patent-infringement case between Google and Oracle over Java-related technology in Android is set to go trial, after last-ditch talks failed to bring about a resolution

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Google and Oracle are set to go to trial in two weeks after a last-ditch attempt at a settlement in their patent-infringement case failed.

Last week, magistrate judge Paul S Grewal asked both parties to give settlement talks another chance, with a decision required by 9 April. Google proposed an offer that included a cut of Android's revenue stream through 2018, which was a stipulation for damages if (and only if) Oracle prevails on patent infringement.

Grewal — the same judge who presided over similarly failed settlement talks last autumn — issued a memo on Monday explained that "the parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions with the undersigned", and that "no further conferences shall be convened".

Oracle is suing Google over the implementation of certain Java-related patents in Android.

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Topics: Legal, Piracy

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