Google and Windows 8, working together

Google and Windows 8, working together

Summary: Microsoft and Google are archrivals on the business front, but they share a lot of customers. It's a classic example of co-opetition. Surprisingly, Google services and Windows 8 apps work well together. Here's what you can expect when you connect Chrome, Gmail, and other Google products and services to Windows 8.


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  • Afrter connecting a Google account to Windows 8, information from that account is available to tiles on the Start screen. The Mail and Calendar tiles here show new Gmail messages and upcoming appointments from the connected Google calender.

    See also: Adding Chrome, Gmail, and other Google services to Windows 8

  • Pressing Ctrl+N in the Mail app opens this Compose window, where you can create, format, and send a Gmail message without having to use the web browser. The To and Cc boxes can pull names and email addresses from your Gmail contacts list.

    See also: Adding Chrome, Gmail, and other Google services to Windows 8

  • One advantage of the lightweight Windows 8 Mail client is that you can configure it to show only recent messages. Click Settings and choose your Gmail account to see these options.

    The default setting is 2 weeks, although you can adjust that to a few days, a week, a month, or your entire mailbox. Note you can also create a custom signature.

    See also: Adding Chrome, Gmail, and other Google services to Windows 8

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  • Might Be Interesting

    If Win 8 desktop, email, calendar, and contacts had this level integration with gmail it might make Win 8 interesting. This'll be nice on a tablet but I won't be using metro on my desk top.
    • Same here

      As long as Metro apps have to be fullscreen, it's a no no on the desktop!
  • Might Be Interesting

    If Win 8 desktop, email, calendar, and contacts had this level integration with gmail it might make Win 8 interesting. This'll be nice on a tablet but I won't be using metro on my desk top.
  • I'm sorry but

    Zdnet's slide shows aren't very intuitive to use at all. They need to make an easier way to view slides.
    Free From Apple
    • Zdnet sucks

      @Free From Apple
      Totally agree. This Zdnet sucks. I click Vote and nothing happens. I hit Flag and nothing happens. Zdnet get your act together. I am going to a site that actually works.
      Aaron Klap
      • Vote and Flag works fine

        They probably are all scripting with AJAX kind of call. Maybe you have some noscript plug-in installed or disabled javascript.

        When clicking them, you'll see a green (for vote) or red (for flag) message appearing at the top of the window saying it completed the task.

        As for the slideshow, it's harder now with only small links for Previous/Next above the picture, it was much better before when there were the big arrows appearing on the picture.

        And there is still no Edit button to correct error. People are complaining about the missing Edit button since the change to the site a few months ago.
      • not for me

        You must be using Safari. ;)
  • Thanks

    I appreciate the slide show and the information. For those confused, use Previous and Next on the top to advance, not the preview pane on the bottom.
    • On modern browsers...

      advancing to the next slide shouldn't require the page to reload. This is outdated.
      • Yes it could be better

        But no reloading the page would lower the page count and ad revenus! That is the evil of it all...
      • Well...

        AJAX is heavy and slow, and has limited browser support without a skilled developer and designer. It also doesn't allow for decent SEO on most of the major search engines.

        Saying that, the page refresh is annoying only because this page is heavy (they should lighten the load of this page). I'm running 37Mbps and the page load time is up to about 45-50 seconds. That's ridiculous.
  • Nice demonstration of the platform power...

    Super post. Nice screenshots, rightly demonstrating the power of the platform, connecting multiple apps to make the System richer. The apps are not silos which just performs its duty and goes away... On 8, as you install more and more Quality apps, the System gets richer and richer, tailored to your needs... You will find new ways to connect between modern tailored experiences...

    Contrast that to the other so called "tablet and smartphone" OS'es that claim, "more tighter facebook integration"... pathetic isn't it??? that' not good Software...
  • Spellcheck

    Ed, you do realize most publishing software made in the last 15 years has come well a spellchecker, yes? Most even underline your mistakes as you go!

    Maybe you should use it...
    • Murphy's Law of typos

      "most publishing software made in the last 15 years has come *well* a spellchecker"

      Sadly, ZDNet's proprietary content management system does not, and I am traveling and have very slow access to Internet.

      You could have kindly pointed out the errors to help me out. But instead you chose to be a d... Well, you know. And in the process you added your own typo. Well played
      Ed Bott
      • thanks Ed

        just got my developer packet.nice to see you are up to speed.just reading up on side loading no Problems third party programs no problems and no you do have to go throught the windows app store for apps
    • Typos fixed

      I finally reached a destination where I have fast enough Internet access to edit this slideshow. If you see any more typos, feel free to let me know.
      Ed Bott
  • What's up with the Romney e-mail?

    Ed, don't tell me you're an Obama guy.....
  • Chrome on Metro ain't looking great

    It's menus are the same as desktop version, it won't be easy tapping menu options on a 10" tablet with that kind of menu. And people with mouse and keyboard won't even bother with a Metro version...
  • And the Modern UI is still fugly...

    I know that Microsoft is trying to convince us that "modern" is the same as "devoid of ornamentation." I've been using the various Previews of Windows 8 since the Developer Preview last year, and I'm using the Enterprise RTM on a dual-boot Windows 7/8 laptop now. And I still can't see what we gain by completely stripping the UI of all graphic enhancements. Some of the things that have been removed really enhanced the usability of the operating system - for instance, more contrast in many of the controls and lists. A blue progress slider on a narrow gray progress bar is just a little too low in contrast to be immediately valuable. The all-white windows of the new Office 2013 applications are another case where a little contrast between UI elements would be appreciated. I use these things, and I feel like I've been snow-blinded.

    I know that anything that I or any other critics of the new design paradigm being put into place by Microsoft, will not have one bit of influence in changing that direction. I'm going to keep saying this, though, so that perhaps they'll relent a little bit and give us some adjustments to the UI - at least they could tone down the white-out of Office. That would be greatly appreciated.
  • Google is on the ball

    What is really sad is that Chrome works better in Windows 8 than ANYTHING put out by MS themselves, including IE 10.