Google announces new Chrome devices from Acer, Asus, HP, and Toshiba

Google announces new Chrome devices from Acer, Asus, HP, and Toshiba

Summary: At the Intel Developer's Forum (IDF) Google announced new Chromebooks coming from Acer and HP with Haswell processors. Chrome OS devices will also be released by Asus and Toshiba, new to Chrome OS.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google, Laptops
Image: Google

New Chromebooks will be coming from several hardware makers according to Google. The announcement was delivered at the IDF in San Francisco as the new laptops running Chrome OS will have Intel Haswell processors inside.

There will be news devices running Chrome OS coming from veterans HP and Acer, along with vendors Asus and Toshiba, both new to the Chrome OS party. The inclusion of Haswell processors should mean all day battery life for these upcoming Chromebooks.

All of the vendors will be introducing new Chromebooks in the next few months, and Asus a new Chromebox. These Chromebooks will vary from light portable laptops to a bigger 14-inch model from HP. 

Unsurprisingly, the new Chromebooks will be called the HP Chromebook14, Acer Chromebook, and the Toshiba Chromebook. The Acer Chromebox will be called just that.

Topics: Mobility, Google, Laptops

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  • With the expansion of capabilities across other platforms

    Chrome is a giant step backward into the suboptimal zone.
    • Thin, light, inexpensive and effective

      Looks good to me.
      • Why didn't $croogle annouce the actual ship #s instead?

        I bet it's b/c it's umimpressive.
        • Learn to read

          They didn't announce number of shipments because the new devices haven't even been released yet.
      • Huh?

        "Thin, light, inexpensive and effective"
        A tablet [except iPads] are those characteristics.
        Chromebooks are a flat brick without Internet access.
    • ArsTechnica article -The NSA loves the Chromebook

      I'm sure they do... No surprise there.
  • Or you could just install a web browser on your PC

    Why would you buy this? A Haswell Chromebook borders on insanity. Install Chrome (free) on your Mac or PC and get to run other apps too.
    • True...

      ... but I want a simple life.
  • And who exactly is going to buy them?

    Inquiring minds want to know...
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Everyone who is fed up...

      ...of Windows, no rich enough to buy a Macbook and not nerdy enough to buy other Linux distros. So... there are my 3 sisters, my mom and lots of my friends.
      • Fed up with something that just works?

        I see his point - Windows 7 gets nothing but good from those that I know that have upgraded to it, and Macbook Airs aren't all that expenseive. Neither is the Mac mini.

        With that in mind, he asks a good question - who really will buy this? I know of nobody personally that's even remotely interested in one.
        William Farrel
        • I have Windows 7...

          ... on an Asus Eeetop. It's good indeed. I did not have any problem with it for 3 years now. But it takes 2 minutes to boot up (1 minute to get to the desktop and another one to get the system stop initializing in the background).

          It happens sometimes that Windows does an update+reboot without leaving me the choice. It always happens at bad moment, right in the middle of the movie, while writing an important mail...

          And I don't know why, sometimes, when I do very simple things like surfing the web, the system just freeze for a few seconds. I haven't installed anything on this computer, apart from Avast antivirus. I have never experienced this kind of freeze on the Chromebook 550.

          That's what people are fed up with: These seconds, minutes, sometimes hours lost because of the system.

          Macbooks starts at 700$… My family and friends don't want to spend that much for just Internet, mail and video chat.

          So when they ask me what computer they should buy, I'm ok to propose the Chromebooks as a good option.
          • Right, ok go for it

            If that's what you think is right..go go for it ;-)
    • Re: And who exactly is going to buy them?

      The #1 selling laptop at Amazon is the Samsung Chromebook.

      Ask them.
      • But

        That means didly squat. How does it sell at the REAL electronics stores?
  • Large Backings

    It's nice to see Samsung, HP, Acer,, and now Toshiba, Asus and Intel jump into the Chromebook. I'm sure these big companies analyzed the prospect first before diving into it. This says a lot about the Chromebook.

    I use the Samsung Chromebook and it is a sweet little machine. I no longer have to worry about OS and Virus updates. I'd recommend the Chromebook to anyone who is in the Android ecosystem and who uses internet based apps only. Cheers!
  • Clueless commenters

    More and more features developed on 'Chrome OS' have been finding their way into the 'Chrome browser'. You can now run Chrome apps offline on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Windows machines with the Chrome 'browser'. Support for Macs with Chrome 'browser' is coming soon and then mobile Chrome.

    Chrome is currently the most widely used desktop browser and has been growing fast in mobile since it started shipping with new Android devices earlier this year. This gives Google the opportunity to host applications which can run on Windows machines, iOS machines, and Android machines... which combined cover more than 90% of all computing devices. The exact same code (no more multi-platform development) with the exact same features and cloud connection on virtually every device. No other platform out there right now comes close to that level of ubiquity.

    Google's hope is that this leads to a thriving Chrome application marketplace and people spending nearly all of their computing time in Chrome apps... at which point, who needs the underlying Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, or even Android OS? Just keep the Chrome browser / OS and... oh hey look, it's a Chromebook.
  • We Love our New Stunning Chromebooks

    Check it out and decide for yourselves. You can download free or killer apps at great prices. The expensive Apple, buggy Microsoft Windows 8.1 and boring Intel are about to face a serious competitors ahead with a spectacular crisis.
    You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
  • Great technology

    It's funny going back and reading some of the comments posted back in September/October. Most of them incorrect. Looks like plenty of people are buying Chromebooks. I'm getting my mom a Chromebook to replace her aging HP laptop. She will love it. And I will spend less time troubleshooting over the phone hopefully!