Google Apps customers get email lockdown

Google Apps customers get email lockdown

Summary: New functionality in Google's cloud-based productivity suite lets administrators specify which email contacts a user may have

TOPICS: Cloud, Apps

Companies and organisations using Google Apps are now able to restrict the email access of selected users.

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Google introduced the functionality for customers of its corporate Gmail service on Wednesday, saying in a blog post that it had been a particular request of schools that use the cloud-based productivity suite.

"It can also help businesses where the email access of particular contractors and other groups should be limited," Google Apps product manager Adam Dawes wrote in the post.

Dawes described the functionality, which makes it possible for a business's administrators to create policies specifying which email contacts a user is allowed to have, as enabling a "walled garden" approach.

According to Google, the feature will be rolled out "over the next couple of days" to customers of Google Apps for Business, Education and Government.

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Topics: Cloud, Apps

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