Google Apps saves Microsoft Office formats from the chop - for now

Google Apps saves Microsoft Office formats from the chop - for now

Summary: Having said that Google Docs would no longer export to pre-2003 Office formats such as .doc after September, the web giant has extended support to January.


Google has given a reprieve to people who want to export Google Docs files to older Microsoft Office formats.

In September, the company said it would end support in Google Apps for .doc, .xls and .ppt on 1 October. But on Wednesday, Google moved the deadline to 31 January, 2013, after realising that some of its customers wanted more time.

"Surprised how many of you want to stay on Office 2003 and use Docs to interoperate. We are extending support for export .doc files till Jan to help this transition," Amit Singh, vice president of Google Enterprise, said in a post to Google+.

However, after January, Google will focus on supporting exports to Microsoft Office formats, which rely on open standards (.docx, xlsx, .pptx), the company said in a blog post.

The change of deadline only postpones the pain for Google Apps customers who need to share their documents with people who use pre-2003 Microsoft Office file formats. One workaround is for those recipients to download Microsoft's compatibility pack for Office, which lets them open documents created in newer versions of Word.

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  • dont you mean

    pre 2007 not pre 2003?
  • Who uses

    Google Docs?
    Theo Mills
    • LOL - true but we do

      in very, very specialized situations. Most of the time they just don't cut it - especially the spreadsheets. But if it's simple table data and very simple formulas you are good to go. But that's about it.
  • "Surprised how many of you want to stay on Office 2003..."

    Duuuuuh. Really they are that naive to think that's not true, or is it arrogance.
  • Dear Google

    Dear Google - F off.

    THere is no reason to get rid of support of old file formats.

    If I want to save in that format, is my choice, not yours !

    Also the programming has already implemented it, and it works fine, so why remove it?
    I bet it will cost more more just the remove that code, so why bother?
    Just leave things as it is.
    Stop trying to be controlling. (Like Apple)
    • Dear user

      No, it's not your choice, it's ours. After all we are the ones giving you this product in exchange of your soul...sorry your data and as such we can tinker and screw you whenever we want. It's free, remember? If you don't like it, go and pay for MS Office and its eternal backward compatibility.

      Cheers, Google
      • Dear Google

        Our Office Web Apps are able to edit .xls, .doc, .ppt

        Try for free. Sign in here.

        Your friend, Microsoft.
  • well that sucks

    I have no intention of moving from office 2003. it works perfectly. I hated the ribbon in 2007, downgraded, and have no intention of changing until the people I work with stop using those formats. And very few of them use the new formats either.
  • lol

    who uses google doc formats > office? of ANY version office EVER? and im a google fanboy
    Daniel Kinem